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HGTV, Natural Resources Defense Counsel Help Consumers 'Go Green'.

ENERGY RESOURCE-24 March 2008-HGTV, Natural Resources Defense Counsel Help Consumers 'Go Green'(C)2008 JeraOne -

HGTV, in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), has launched the environmental phase of the HGTV "Change the World. Start at Home" campaign.

While the initial phase of the campaign focused on community revitalization, the green pillar of the initiative will focus on educating individuals about smart, actionable ways they can live eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyles.

"We've found through our own research and regular interactions with our viewers that consumers need help navigating the abundant and confusing information about green living," said Jim Samples, president, HGTV. "The second phase of the 'Change the World. Start at Home' campaign will provide the tips and ideas viewers need to make more informed choices about activities that impact the environment."

After conducting a study in January titled "Moving Consumers from Green Interest to Green Action," HGTV and NRDC wanted to help consumers identify green activities that can contribute to environmental preservation.

The findings showed that Americans would be willing to do more if they understood how a particular green action could help the environment as well as benefit them personally. In fact, 78 percent said they were "willing to make a lifestyle change for the good of the environment."

"People are coming to realize that the environment isn't just a place you go visit. It's in our homes, under the sink and on the dinner plate. It's in the choices we all make every day," said Alex Kennaugh, director of Marketing, NRDC.

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Publication:Energy Resource
Date:Mar 24, 2008
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