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HFC-245fa Tested in PUR Sprayed Foam Roofing.

This past summer, Honeywell Fluorine Products, Morris Township N.J., ran a trail of PUR foam sprayed with Honeywell's new HFC-245fa ozone-friendly blowing agent. The foam was applied at Honeywell's Aerospace Electronics Systems in Boyne City Mich 2400-sq-ft section of the roof was sprayed with a PUR system from BASF Corp. Wyandotte, Mich. "We confirmed that HFC-245fa systems can be applied at a cost equivalent to that of HCFC-14lb systems," noted Terry Sutter, general manager of Honeywell Fluorine Products.

HFC-24fa is a substitute for HCFC-14lb, which is due to be phased out. HFC-245fa is now in semi-commercial production. Honeywell's first full-scale plant will start up in Geismar, La., in mid-2002.

"We sprayed HFC-245fa foam for the first time and it worked extremely well," said Dick West, owner of West Roofing Systems, LaGrange, Ohio. "We had no creep or crawl. Application of HCF-245fa foam appears to be esier than with HCFA-14lb. We maintain a more uniform pattern." AT 90 F, drum pressures were lower than for an HCFC-14lb system and there was no forthing.

BASF has worked with HFC-245fa in foam roofing for over two and a half years. Says Tom Harris, spray-foam product manager. "In comparison with HFC-14lb, HCF-245fa formulated to the same density offers finer cell structure less pinholing, and less creeping HFC-245fa foam has higher compressive strength (60 psi at pcf density). Also HFC-245fa offers a broader processing window due to it slower boiling point."
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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