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HEinz-Glas & Plastics Group Celebrates 12TH generation change.

It's not uncommon in the beauty industry to hear of 3rd generation companies--but 12th! Carletta Heinz, who has been the main shareholder in the 12th generation of the family-owned company, is now CEO of the Heinz-Glas & Plastics Group. She succeeds Jens Plachetka who has held this position since 2013, and helped prepare for the generation change. Carl-August Heinz, owner and president of the Heinz Group, commented: "I have passed the torch on to her, now we need to keep it flaring."


Since 2013, Carletta Heinz has been working for the Heinz-Glas & Plastics Group and was monitored by both her father, Carl-August Heinz and Jens Plachetka. She entered into the management as CIO in January 2017.

The glass-making tradition of the Heinz family goes back to 1523. The company now operates 16 sites worldwide in 12 countries, with about 3,000 employees and generating an annual turnover of more than [euro]300 million.

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Publication:Beauty Packaging
Date:Jul 1, 2017
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