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"Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door." Aaron Schefter and George Brown looked at a variety of AR magazines and decided they could build a better one. AR's run on magazines, and their HEXMAG incorporates a number of innovative features of interest.

The HEXMAG is made from a durable, fiber-reinforced polymer, and, as its name implies, the sides of the magazine are highly textured with raised hexagons and the front and rear surfaces with horizontal ridges plus you can add "Grip Tape" to the hexagon panels for a more secure handgrip. In short, the HEXMAG offers some very generous and effective grabbing surfaces for cold, wet, muddy and gloved hands.

These mags also incorporate color-coded followers and baseplate release buttons. The followers feature longer anti-tilt legs than normal to prevent round tipping and, being highly visible, facilitate identifying empty magazines under low light conditions.

Color coding permits you to segregate various types of ammunition and even calibers since the HEXMAG also fits and feeds the .300AAC Blackout, .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf rounds. You can change out in seconds the colored followers and baseplate release buttons. The company separately packages spare followers and baseplate buttons in red, orange, green and dark earth colors.

Cleaning the mags is fast and easy by simply depressing the large, colored baseplate release button, sliding off the baseplate and extracting the follower and stainless steel spring.

The HEXMAG also features stripper clip adapter grooves for loading the magazine with military 10-round stripper clips.

I worked with the HEXMAG during the Black Rain Ordnance Scout test in the April issue and experienced no magazine or feeding problems. I did learn one trick. When loading the magazine by pressing rounds down through the feed lips, it's possible to catch the rim of the cartridge on the stripper clip step and tipping it down or to the side.

The solution was to position the base of the round a fraction of an inch in front of the rear of the magazine, push it through the feed lips and then slide it back against the rear wall of the magazine. Worked like a charm that way.

The quality of a magazine design and its durability is determined over time and rounds downrange under a variety of environmental and combat conditions. The HEXMAG is certainly innovative, and we'll continue to shoot through them and report again sometime later as the round count grows.

HEXMAG, 218 8th St. SE Unit C7, Loveland, CO 80537, (855) 439-6247,

Caption: Color coding the HEXMAG greatly increases its utility (above). Followers and baseplate buttons of different colors can be changed out as needed. Pre-cut, adhesive backed, hexagonal, "Grip Tape" panels (below) can be added for additional grip.

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Author:Bodinson, Holt
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Jul 1, 2017
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