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HEROES OF AIR CRASH RESCUE; Pals aid mercy crews.


WHEN they saw a microlight spin out of control and crash, schoolboys Rory Bennett and Taran Goodband knew they had the skills to save the day.

Using an Ordnance Survey map, the friends ignored the cuts and scratches they suffered as they trekked through woodland to find the crash site - and guided ambulance crews to the stricken pilot and his passenger.

Rory, 11, said: "We saw the microlight getting lower and then we heard a big noise. I learned to read maps at primary school so it was quite easy to work out where it was."

Taran, 12, added: "We've been best friends ages and found them together - it wasn't hard really. We were pleased to help."

Rory's dad Steve, 52, dialled 999 and went with them on the search. He said: "The boys are heroes. They treated the whole thing like a big adventure from the Famous Five."

A Great Western Ambulance Service spokesman added: "These boys helped ensure the patients got treatment as soon as possible. We are very grateful to them for the initiative they showed and for guiding crews to the scene."

The 39-year-old pilot hit a tree top near Brockweir, Glos, on Sunday. He broke a leg and his 38-year-old passenger had back injuries. They were airlifted to hospital and the pilot was arrested on suspicion of flying without a licence and while over the alcohol limit.


DOWNED A microlight PRAISED Taran and Rory near crash site yesterday
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 29, 2009
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