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A SCOTS diving team who helped recover the bodies of drowned sailors from the Kursk submarine are to be honoured by Kremlin military chiefs.

The brave divers will be presented with a special award by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a ceremony in Moscow this week

It's in recognition of the work they did in salvaging the Kursk submarine which exploded underwater in August last year with the loss of all hands.

Diving superintendent Wally Wallace and his wife have flown from Aberdeen to Moscow to receive the award on behalf of the Scots who risked their lives to recover the wreck from the treacherous Barents Sea.

Using skills honed in the North Sea, the men of DSND Oceantech spent months salvaging the giant sub now lying in dry dock at Murmansk.

Gerry Starling of DSND in Aberdeen said: "This work was completely different from anything we have ever done before but it was very rewarding for everyone involved.

"Families who'd lost sons, husbands and fathers could be reunited at last."
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 28, 2001
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