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ODELL BECKHAM is already being talked about as a Hall of Fame player just 15 months into a career he hopes will last 15 years.

The New York Giants receiver has become famous worldwide in his short professional life thanks to a series of one-handed catches that seem to defy gravity and the laws of natural physics.

His breath-taking catch against The Dallas Cowboys last season is considered by most pundits to be the greatest in the sport's history.

He has already caught more passes (169) than any player ever in the first two years of a career and in the last two weeks he has defied belief yet again with spectacular one-handed grabs against the Washington Redskins and New York Jets.

But for all his heroics, the Giants have blown five games this season in the final two minutes to leave them with just five wins and seven losses.

"Losing sucks," said Beckham, who had a chance to beat the Jets only for a thumping hit to knock the ball out of his hands at the goal line. I should have caught the ball in the end zone. That could have been a touchdown.

"All losses are tough to take.

They say you have a 48-hour rule on losses but it doesn't escape your mind. You always think about the losses you had or the ones you didn't catch."

With four games left, the Giants still have a chance to reach the playoffs, starting tomorrow night against the Miami Dolphins (Sky Sports, 1.30am, Tuesday).



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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 13, 2015
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