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HERCULE PARROT; Pet bird traps murderer after it sees him killing its owner.


A MURDERER felt the long arm of the claw after a parrot squawked: "He's the killer, he's the killer".

The clever boy - dubbed Hercule after the mustachioed Belgian detective - solved the riddle of who knifed his mistress and her dog to death in a robbery.

The body of Neelam Sharma, 45, was found alongside her pet by husband Vijay. Only the parrot, who was initially stunned into silence, survived the attack. Police said the robber was known to Neelam because there was no sign of a break-in.

So newspaper editor Mr Sharma, of Agra in northern India, read out the name of each suspect to the parrot. The smart bird squawked when it came to nephew Ashutosh Goswami, who later confessed. A police spokesman said: "He admitted killing the dog, fearing it could identify him, but hadn't thought of killing the parrot which had been silent in its cage." One report said: "The parrot squawked 'Usne Maara", Hindi for: 'He's the killer'."


CALL POLLYS A parrot as 'tec Poirot with 'tache
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 28, 2014
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