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HEMTT ... keep cool in the clutch.

Dear Editor,

While stationed in Iraq, the heat sometimes got so bad that the thermostat inside our HEMTT's fan clutch actuator would lock in the closed position. If the cooling fan can't come on, the engine overheats.

Cargo is too precious to leave beside the road and you don't want to be stuck by yourself in the boonies. Go we came up with a quick Fix to keep the fan turning and the truck in action.

If the engine starts to overheat and the cooling fan isn't turning, follow these steps:

1. Disconnect the intake and outtake lines on the actuator.

2. Remove the 90[degrees] fitting from the actuator.

3. Screw the intake and outtake lines into the 90[degrees] fitting. The threading on one side isn't perfect, but it will hold enough air pressure to activate the fan.

4. Use a wire tie to hold the lines out of the way of the fan.

With the actuator bypassed, the fan will work continuously. That keeps the engine cool and allows you to complete the mission.

SSG Brad K. Brubaker

3/69th AR

Ft Stewart, GA

(Editor's note: An excellent BDAR fix, Sergeant. Just remember to report it immediately after the mission so a mechanic can fix the problem.)
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Author:Brubaker, Brad K.
Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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