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On 1 January 2001 Greece joined the Economic Monetary Union. The preparation for this transition and the nation's desire to participate in the growing global economy have generated several websites of use to those who want to learn more about new and changing opportunities in the region. The following English-language sites will aid in accessing Greek data, news, and business information.

National Statistical Services of Greece (English)

The NSSG uses this website as part of its mission "to collect, analyze, tabulate and disseminate all national and regional statistical data concerning Greece." Most of the data provided in the present online reports are derived from 1991 census figures. Updated information should become available on this site as results from the recently completed 2001 census are released. Statistical topics include agriculture, balance of payments, banking, consumer price indexes, communication, construction, education, employment industry, household budget surveys, justice, population data, public health, public finance, trade, and transport and tourist movement.

Macedonian Press Agency News In English (English) This site provides chronological links to archived news articles from Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, the Balkans, and Europe. Their "Documents" link takes you to an outstanding collection of government sites covering agency reports, analysis of current topics, constitutional issues, legislation, and treaties. The site is a project of the Hellenic Resources Institute, Inc. Their HR-Net "has become a leading source of information on and about Greece, and has emerged as an information exchange center for Greek and Greek-American organizations and news agencies."

Bank of Greece (English) The central bank of Greece provides a wide selection of online English publications containing statistics and economic data for Greece and the European Central Bank (ECB). The publications are available in PDF format, which requires Acrobat Reader to be viewed and printed. Publications include monetary policies, economic bulletins, monthly statistical bulletins, and annual reports. Links to the bank's press releases provide current banking and economic information. Links to press releases by the European Central Bank can also be found on this site.
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Date:Jul 1, 2001

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