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HELEN'S POLAR CHALLENGE [...]; Chill with Helen.

Byline: Jane Simon

HELEN'S POLAR CHALLENGE FOR SPORT RELIEF BBC1, 8.30pm LONG gone are the days when the major skill a Blue Peter presenter needed was a bit of dexterity with sticky-backed plastic.

After kayaking the length of the Amazon for Sport Relief in 2010 and performing a tightrope walk between the chimneys of Battersea Power Station, action-woman Helen Skelton notched up another world record in January this year.

She became the first person to reach the South Pole using a bike, although she also travelled by ski and kite. (It's worth mentioning that the second record, which organisers claim is the fastest time to kite-ski 100km, has been hotly disputed by other kite skiers as being nothing out of the ordinary).

That grumble aside, this film charts Helen's epic 500-mile journey across Antarctica - the coldest, windiest continent on Earth.

She travels to the South Pole with Norwegian world champion kite skier Niklas Norman, using a combination of skis, kite-skis and specially adapted ice-bikes with chunky, slightly deflated tyres for a better grip in the snow.

As she battles dehydration and a chest infection, Helen's insistence the experience is "a privilege, not a chore" is an inspiration to the kids who followed her daily updates.

THE LIFE OF A LEGEND ARENA - GEORGE HARRISON: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD BBC4, 9pm MARTIN Scorsese's BAFTAnominated portrait of the late George Harrison is up there with Senna as one of the most popular documentary films of recent years.

The legendary director's work is screened in two parts tonight, offering "a fascinating musical and spiritual journey".

It traces The Beatles guitarist's early days in Liverpool to becoming a world-famous musician, philanthropist and filmmaker.

The programme weaves together interviews with George and his closest friends, with photographs and archive footage including early live performances - much of it previously unseen.

Highlights include the first Beatles gigs in Hamburg and George's widow Olivia's recollection of the night when they were attacked in their home in 1999.

FRANKLIN IS ON A MISSION REVERSE MISSIONARIES BBC2, 9pm TWO hundred years after British missionaries took their Bibles around the globe, Christianity in those countries is thriving, while most Brits only set foot inside a church for weddings or funerals.

onaries This series attempts to reverse the process, inviting missionaries from abroad to revive our congregations. But we're sure they don't expect the results to continue after the cameras have left.

e mn This week, Baptist Franklin Small travels from Jamaica to King's Stanley in the Cotswolds. The village was once home to Thomas Burchell, a missionary who fought for abolition of slavery in Jamaica.

s o Franklin's warmth wins him lots of friends as he tries to unite the locals with festivals, faith and football.

th ll.

When he tells Kev, who is ill, disabled and desperate, "Don't give up. You still have people who care about you," you wonder whether the people of King's Stanley need Jesus, or just a hug. is e, ave u," ALL THE GOSS FROM YOUR SOAPS EMMERDALE STV, 7pm ALAN Turner doesn't suspect anything is wrong when vicar Ashley makes up an excuse for why Sandy can't meet him in the pub.

Alan has obviously forgotten all those months when his own daughter kept him a prisoner in his bedroom.

The way Ashley is treating Sandy isn't quite as bad, yet, but Rachel seems to be the only one who is concerned about the welfare of the poor old boy.

CORONATION STREET STV, 7.30pm & 8.30pm WORKED out who Frank's killer is yet? There's a clue in tonight's episode, which also sees Leanne wondering whether to tell the police Peter had an alibi for the night of the murder.

Sunita's in flirt mode with Karl - a side we never saw when Dev had her chained to that pricing gun.

EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm IT'S Heather's hen party tonight but she is rattled by the news that Andrew has done time for GBH.

Shirley reckons Hev should call off the wedding because Andrew is fat, has got a temper and could be prone to violence.

She would never get involved with a guy like that, would she? TURN OVER FOR SCOTLAND'S BEST TV GUIDE Don't miss your FREE TV mag in Saturday's Record


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