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Dedicated drinker Doug Montgomery from New Zealand has just completed the ultimate pub crawl, after visiting 1,130 bars in 11 years.

A HOSPITAL technician in South Korea forgot he had strapped a patient into a scanning machine for a neck check - and set off on a four-day public holiday. The patient took 29 hours to break out of the pitch-dark machine.

COUNCIL officials have banned tap dancing on the pavements of the French town of Epernay, declaring it a "noisy public nuisance".

A NEW five-star jail has just been opened in Spain, which boasts a swimming pool, tennis courts, a gymnasium and a hairdressers for its cosseted cons.

THIRTY-TWO people were injured and five hospitalised in Venezuela after parents of babies in a beauty contest fought over who won first prize.

TIRED farmer Olaf Kragh from Denmark was looking forward to a nice sleep after a hard day's work - until he found one of his cows sleeping in his bed.

A WAITRESS in Florida is suing her ex-boss for sexual harassment - even though he saved her life. He had performed first aid to stop her choking on a piece of beef, but she is angry because he touched her.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 18, 1998
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