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SCENES OF A SEXUAL NATURE (15) THE STARS Ewan McGregor, Adrian Lester, Sophie Okonedo, Catherine Tate.

THE STORY On one gloriously hot summer's days, a series of couples - and one dog - visit London's Hampstead Heath.

The seven couples include a gay pair (Ewan McGregor and Douglas Hodge) talking parenthood, an elderly couple reminiscing about their life (Eileen Atkins and Benjamin Whitrow) and a couple on a blind date (Hugh Bonneville and Gina McKee).

WHAT'S GOOD? An ambitious and engaging low-budget British movie - put together on around pounds 260,000 - featuring a wonderful range of acting talent.

Particularly good are Ewan McGregor, Sophie Okonedo and Catherine Tate, as well as solo dog Onion (playing himself).

Some of the mini-storylines work better than others. But there is fun to be had and there are also some touching moments of drama to be enjoyed. And the director/ producer Ed Blum should be congratulated for getting the whole thing on to the big screen

WHAT'S BAD? Some of the sections don't quite hold together. Rather like any series of short stories, some are always better than others. There is also a niggling sense about whether this works as a feature film.

HOW LONG IS IT? 91mins.

FINAL VERDICT A nicely structured British sexual drama. 3

Opens Friday, November 3

Showing this week..

HAVOC (18, 85mins) stars Anne Hathaway (right) and Bijou Phillips as two wealthy LA teens whose love for hiphop sees them head to the dark side of town. There they come upon a gang of drug dealers. ***

STEP UP (PG, 104mins) has Channing Tatum as a Baltimore rebel sent to an elite arts school, where he shows off his moves to privileged Nora (Jenna Dewan). Before you can say "Fame!" they're bonding on (and off) the dance floor. **

..and out next week

CANDY (15, 108mins) is a dark but poetic Australian drama about two young lovers and drug addicts. Stars Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish (left) with Geoffrey Rush.

M ISCHIEF NIGHT (15, 93mins) is a modern urban comedy-drama about a white family and an Asian family unexpectedly brought together on the night of a local festival in a Northern town. Stars Kelli Hollis and Ramon Tikaram.


Hot stuff... McGregor' Sparky... Tate and Lester
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 29, 2006
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