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| FAMILY size is continuing to shrink as women choose to have children later in life. And figures from the Office for National Statistics found they are having a record low average of 1.89 kids.

They compared women born in 1972 with those born in 1945, when an average of 2.19 children was the norm. It suggested the decline was down to women going into higher education, partnering or marrying later, or waiting until they are financially secure with careers.

| THE sugar tax on soft drinks has raised PS153.8million in six months, the Government says.

The tax was introduced in April and is slapped on the makers of fizzy drinks that have above a certain amount of sugar per litre.

It is hoped it will help fight childhood obesity. The income is being invested in school sports and breakfast clubs.

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Date:Dec 6, 2018
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