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Select your engine oil and lubricants, as if the life of your equipment depends on it. Most oil manufacturers say the right oil can extend the life of an engine; choosing the wrong oil or neglecting oil maintenance just might kill it. Now is a critical time to take a second look at what companies are offering. New ultra-low-sulphur diesel has boosted the demands for engine oils. After-treatment devices and exhaust-recirculation technologies are retaining soot inside the engine, and some oil producers have introduced detergents into the blend that can help clean it out.


Castrol Molub-Alloy 936 SF is a compounded open-gear lubricant for heavy equipment. It protects the gears and slides on large draglines and shovels while minimizing pollutants. Molub-Alloy 936 SF is free of lead, antimony, barium, and chlorinated solvents.

No solvents are used in 936 SF Heavy. Its base fluid is a refined, viscous, paraffinic petroleum derivative. Castrol Molub-Alloy 936 SF Heavy A is compounded to flow in the film-forming process; yet it resists squeeze-out and clings to gear teeth in a vertical orientation.

A proprietary blend of lubricating solids is included to reduce wear and load carrying properties. Rust and oxidation inhibitors are included in the formulation to protect the equipment and the lubricating film against the elements in severe climate. Castrol Enter 178

D-A Lubricant's Reliant J-4 meets the requirements of API service category CJ-4 used in post-2007 diesel engines with after-treatment devices running on ultra-low-sulphur fuel. It protects against deposits and wear and is recommended for API service categories CJ-4, CI-4+, CI-4, CH-4 and CF. It also is suitable for modern gasoline engines requiring API SM oil, as well as older gasoline engines requiring SL and SJ. Reliant J-4 also meets the requirements for ACEA E7and ACEA E9; Cat ECF-2 and ECF-3; Cummins 20081; DDC 93K214; DDC 93K215; DDC 93K218; Mack EO-O Premium Plus; Mack EO-M Plus; Mack EO-N Premium Plus '03; MAN 3275; Volvo VDS-3, Volvo VDS-4; Mercedes Benz MB p228.3 or p228.31; and Renault RLD-3.

The company says the base oils reduce oil consumption, provide proper metal-to-metal separation during high-temperature and high-load operation. The oil contains diesel detergents to keep internal engine parts clean under exhaust-gas recirculation conditions. The use of shear stable polymer prevents viscosity loss. The company says Reliant J-4 composition has been designed to extend life for exhaust after-treatment devices.

D-A Excelon EBS (Engineered Base System) has a detergent base system that controls corrosive wear in diesel engines. Corrosive acids, which form in the fuel combustion process, can significantly reduce an engine's operating life. Excelon EBS is formulated with a high degree of detergent alkalinity to minimize the effect of corrosive wear. It provides extended service drains and includes a blend of Group I and Group II base oils, plus a shear stable multi-grading agent. D-A Lubricants Enter 180

Paroil S and Paroil S xtreme synthetic compressor oils from Atlas Copco protect critical components of a compressor. They offer a high viscosity index and can be used for very high-pressure and pipeline applications. The lubricator additives allow for 1,000-hour change intervals. Paroil can be used in all Atlas Copco portable air compressors operating in ambient temperatures between -13[degrees] F and 122[degrees] F.

This includes all two-stage compressors in applications up to 507-psi operating continuously in ambient temperatures above 86[degrees] F. Both oils facilitate separation and drainage of condensation in the compressor, which protects against corrosion and formation of harmful deposits. Balanced composition of the anti-foam and air release keeps the oil clean and prevents blocking of the oil separator. Atlas Copco Enter 181

ConocoPhillips Kendall Super-D XA has liquid titanium that is an API CJ-4 diesel engine oil for reduced bearing corrosion and increased oxidation stability. The synthetic blend is made from low sulfated ash, phosphorous and sulfur. It is approved under the latest oil specifications. Kendall Super-D XATM with liquid titanium replaces Kendall Super-D XATM product in ConocoPhillips' existing API CJ-4 heavy-duty engine oil line. ConocoPhillips Enter 182

Chevron's Delo Heavy Duty EP greases are multipurpose products with ISOSYN technology for the off-road construction and mining industries. This line of grease includes Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP and Delo Heavy Duty Moly 5% EP, engineered for machinery that require molybdenum disulfide in the grease to meet warranty specifications.

Delo Heavy Duty EP greases are suited for on- and off-highway vehicles including tri-axle dump trucks and cement mixers, as well as surface and underground mining equipment. These greases can be applied to pins and bushings on buckets, loaders, shovels and continuous miners, shaker screens, crushers, and conveyors. Delo Heavy Duty greases offer water washout and spray-off resistance properties in wet, off-road environments and offer shock load extreme pressure protection. Chevron Enter 179


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