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Health care benefits are eroding in the manufacturing and service sectors, according to a report from the Center for National Policy, a nonprofit, public policy group. Just 30% of the decline in employee coverage is due to the national shift away from manufacturing jobs--which have been more likely to offer health benefits over the last 20 years--and toward service industries. The remaining 70% is due to a drop in employer-provided coverage in most industries. "While the decline has cut across industries, occupations, and income categories, it has been felt most by workers at the bottom of the wage scale," the authors say. Only in a few industries, such as the health care industry, did employer-provided benefits increase.
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Title Annotation:report on erosion of health care benefits by the Center for National Policy
Author:Silverman, Jennifer; Peters, Sally
Publication:Internal Medicine News
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Date:Jul 15, 2001

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