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Big Brother 2's Narinder Kaur will be hosting the Health and Beauty stage at the UK's biggest indoor celebration of Asian lifestyle and culture.

Mela 2002 will be at the NEC from Friday until Sunday.

Demonstrations will include latest make-up techniques, henna art, massage and 'Bollyaerobics'

BEFORE she was famous on the small screen former Big Brother contestant Narinder Kaur landed a role in a Bollywood blockbuster.

She lived in Bombay for two years and played a minor female role in Dillagi, which starred Bollywood action hero, Sunny Deol.

But the 30-year-old, who is now a presenter on teen-channel Trouble TV, confesses: "I am not a huge fan of Bollywood.

"I find the films so boring and tend to

fast-forward through the songs."

At Mela 2002 at the NEC this weekend Narinda, who is married to a Coventry boy, will host the Health and Beauty stage.

She said: "I am delighted to be involved in Mela. People forget that I am Asian and not just a Big Brother contestant."

The petite TV star keeps fit jogging and working out at the gym.

She said: "Before Big Brother I used to go to the gym and go running three or four times a week - but since the show it has gone to pot.

''Because I am travelling to work in London I just tend to go once a week.

"At the gym I do spin cycling and body pump. I have found even just walking around London is really good exercise.

"I am really trying to be healthy and cut down on chocolate. I am one of those people who'll say 'I have been on a run so I can have a Mars bar'."

Unlike Jade Goody or Kate Lawler, Narinder has not plumped for her own personal fitness trainer. Narinder says: "I think Kate and Jade are competing to see who can live the most celebrity lifestyle.

"They consumed so much food and alcohol in the house they did put on the pounds. But I don't think you need a personal trainer to lose weight - you can just put on some running shoes."

Narinder often likes to glam herself up for celebrity parties. "I use Mac and Bobby Brown make-up because they cater for Asian skin and Eve Lom cleanser which is essential after a night out."

The Midlands girl still lives in Leicester with her husband Jatinda Punia, aged 31, a medical rep, who comes from Stoke, Coventry. His parents, three sisters and brother still live in the city.

"My husband and I lived in Coventry when we were first married. Gurmail, my father-in-law, was a bus driver for many years," she said.

In the future Narinder would love to have her own chat show and continue her radio work with the BBC Asian Network at Pebble Mill.

"I wish there was better Asian representation on British TV," she said.

"When I was on Big Brother I had thousands of e-mails from Asian girls and boys saying how I was a typical young Asian.

''You get programmes like the Kumars at No.42 and Goodness Gracious Me, yet they are showing Asian stereotypes."

But despite the fame, Narinder says she never gets used to seeing herself in celebrity magazines or on TV.

"It's weird, you are always self-critical and think 'I should never have worn that dress!'.

Best remembered for her witty banter in Channel 4's hit reality TV show with housemate, Brian Dowling, the eventual winner of Big Brother 2, Narinder is surprised how many people still remember her.

"Once you do something like Big Brother you're forever labelled. Sometimes I think I will be 80 dying in hospital and someone will say 'That's Narinder from Big Brother'."

But if her TV career doesn't blossom she always has a career as a qualified medical rep to fall back on.


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We also have two copies of Bhangracise Your Way To A Better Body, on DVD or VHS.

Plus we have two copies of Honey Kalaria's debut album Time to Dance East-meets-West theme and dance songs in Hindi and English

Bhangracise is a blend of Bollywood and Bhangra-style dance moves and aerobics, designed to exhilarate, energise, trim and tone your body.

The concept for the video was the brainchild of the talented dancer, choreographer, singer, model, actress and trainer to the Bollywood film stars, Honey Kalaria.

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1 Menhdi Henna Skin Decoration Henna tattooing is the hottest trend to come from the East. It is traditional for an Indian bride to have her hands and feet painted on the day before her wedding with beautiful intricate menhdi designs.

Henna is used as a means of idolising her. She is not allowed to do any work before or after her wedding until all the stain has disappeared.

Its popularity exploded a couple of years ago in New York city, and many celebrities including Madonna have been proud to show their henna tattoos in public.

2 Bhangra and Bollyaerobics Britain is currently bedazzled by all things Bollywood. Now you can even exercise to bhangra beats.

Bhangra is one of India's most popular folk dances.

Keep Fit to bhangra classes are run for women aged 18-65 across Coventry by Henley College's outreach department.

Outreach manager Anil Ghaiwal, aged 35, said: ''Two years ago an Asian women's refuge said they would like some sort of exercise and we decided to offer them bhangra classes.

''Gidha - women's bhangra is quite different to men's. We have more vibrant and upbeat classes for younger women and more mellow classes for older ladies.''

For further information call 024 762 6309.

If you prefer to keep fit in the comfort of your home modern Indian dance expert, actress and choreographer Honey Kalaria has released Bollywood Workout - a blend of Bollywood and bhangra-style dance moves and aerobics.

3 Ayurvedic Treatments An ancient Indian system of healing that dates back to 3000BC.

Hollywood star Demi Moore is a firm advocate of the holistic healing treatment, which includes panchakarma - a detoxification therapy done for a minimum of seven days which includes massage with medicated oil, sauna or herbal steam bath.

Shirodhara is a luxurious treatment in which a stream of oil is poured over the forehead between the eyebrows to relieve stress.

4 Yoga Madonna, Geri Halliwell and Sting all attribute their toned physiques to a strict regime of ashtanga or power yoga.

But the most widely practised form of yoga in the West is Hatha yoga. It is widely recommended for meditation, stress relief, and relaxation.

There are many other yoga systems, including Iyengar and satyananda. For more information on local classes call the British Wheel of Yoga on 01529 306 851.

5 Indian Head Massage Indian Head massage or 'champissage', is an ancient technique practised in India for more than a thousand years.

It is used traditionally in family grooming, by barbers or masseurs to improve hair and scalp condition, relax and refresh individuals.

Today Indian head massage is very popular in the West for relieving stress and tension headaches.

MELA 2002 Ticket offer

We have 15 pairs of tickets to give away for the show on Friday, October 18.

Mela 2002, which takes place at the NEC Birmingham, will be the biggest indoor national celebration of Asian culture to be held in the UK this year.

The three-day event is a showcase of everything Asian and highlights the amazing impact of the South Asian community in the UK.

And all you have to do to get your hands on a pair of tickets for Friday is simply call 0901 380 1278 before noon on Wednesday, October 16, leaving your name and a daytime telephone number.

Please note that all tickets must be collected from the Evening Telegraph office, in Coventry.


PICTURE OF HEALTH: Narinder Kaur will be at the NECs MELA 2002 exhibition at the weekend Yoga fan Madonna
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