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SoYouThinkhas runin tenGroup1s forAidan O'Brien, winninghalf andlosinghalf.Ina series runningup tot he eveofthe Coral-Eclipse, weexaminehis record, focusingona victory andadefeateachday TattersallsGo ldC up Curragh, May2 2,2011 Wonat1-7 Littlemo ret hana yearag o, butbackinthe day when Joseph O'Brien's role was aboard100-1pacemaker Windsor Palace, SoY ou Think followedu phis northern hemisphere winningde but earlierinthe month witha convincing defeat ofG odolphin's Campanologist,adual Group1 winnerinGer many.

Taking overfr omW indsor Palacew iththr eef urlongs to run, Ryan Moorequic kened the tempoa furlong later and itw as overin halfa dozenstr ides.T her unner-up did nothing tob oostthe formo nhis nextthr ee starts, withde feats ofe ight, 28and17lengths, but he cameg oodi nthe a utumn with Group1w insin Germanyand Italy.T his victorypr ompted Moore to say:" Heh asa big,l ong stridethat coverst he same amounto f ground most horses wouldtake two strides toc over."

Princeo f Wales'sS takes Royal Ascot,J une15, 2 011 Secondat 4 -11 Iti simpossible toa ssess thisde featac curately followingthe saddemise of winner Rewilding(be low right)onhis nexts tartin the KingGe orge.O ffthe bend, Moore kickeda ndt he racel ooked won, but Frankie Dettori knewt hat Rewilding wouldstayand, underar ule-floutinghard drive,h e nailedthe favourite close home.

Afterthe raceO 'Brien issuedt he first ofh is apologies concerninghis training oft heh orse. "AllI can sayis sorry,"h e said. "He wonhis first two races verye asilyand soIl eth im comea longg ently anddidn 'tg et stucki ntohim."
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jul 2, 2012
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