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HE RESENTS SPENDING MONEY; PAGE 32 DAILY RECORD Monday, February 29, 2016 MoRe aT Dear

Dear Coleen WAS left some money by my mother and have used it to do some house improvements. Now want to put up a conservatory.

We don't have a big house so this would make a huge difference to my home and give us so much more space. However, my husband says we don't need it and is now not speaking to me over it.

I wouldn't mind but he does nothing to improve our home. In fact, if it had been left to him, I would still be living with coal fires and gaslight as he disagrees with all house improvements and has never spent a penny on our home.

Despite his mood, I'm still going ahead with the conservatory but can you give me any advice on how to defuse this drama? Coleen says THERE is nothing wrong with what you're doing - he's just being miserable. You've been left the money to do what you want with, so putting up this conservatory isn't going to bankrupt you or eat into your joint assets. You're not asking him to contribute.

Obviously, he takes no interest in the house but I bet once the conservatory is up and he comes out of his sulk, he'll be the one sat in there with his newspaper. Some people are just a bit miserable about spending money on anything that isn't absolutely essential and your hubby sounds like one of those.

If he's going to be childish, ignore him and carry on as normal. He'll get bored with sulking eventually. And if he doesn't, you'll have a brand new conservatory to escape to while he sulks elsewhere.

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 29, 2016
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