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HAVE WE GOT NUDES FOR YOU; UNDER STARKERS ORDERS: Sizzling Scots babes don't blush at baring their all.

Here's a nudeflash. Scots girls have no hang-ups about going starkers when the temperature starts to rise.

A sizzling seven out of ten quizzed in our special Record Woman survey said they would go topless.

And one out of ten reckon they would sunbathe completely starkers.

More than 7000 Scots will strip for World Naturist Day tomorrow - most of them behind the hedges of back gardens and net curtains.

So we hit the streets of Scotland and the beaches of Ibiza yesterday, to find out who would dare to bare all.

Too shy, too cold and too many wobbly bits were the main excuses for not stripping off.

But most of the guys and girls we interviewed would go nude, weather - and their friends - permitting.

Model Lisa McGuigan, 21, of Glasgow, said: "I don't have a hang-up about nudity. I've gone topless in Greece and I'd go nude on a nudist beach. But never in Scotland - it's too cold."

Five out of ten men would let it all hang out.

In Ibiza yesterday, fish filleter Bruce Stewart, 22, from Peterhead, confessed he stumbled onto a nudist beach by accident - then joined in the fun.

He admitted: "My two mates were too shy to strip off, but I did it. I wasn't embarrassed and I'd definitely do it again."

Chef John Elliot, 31, from Glasgow, went nude for the first time last year on holiday in Gran Canaria. He laughed: "It's great for that all- over tan."

But, in Ibiza, Elizabeth McLaughlin, from Glasgow, cringed: "Wandering about in your birthday suit is not on."

Her pal Yvonne Porter, 20, also from Glasgow, says she's be too embarrassed to go nude - but she doesn't mind other people getting their kit off.

She said: "If you've got it and want to flash it - go for it."

Engineer Andrew Douglas, 23, from Ellon, Aberdeenshire, would strip off "in a moment". He said: "I'd do it myself - but the Scottish weather is hardly ideal for it.

"But, generally, you won't get many blokes doing it if they've got beer bellies."

Student Terri Harris, of Aberdeen, reckons Scots should shed their inhibitions - and their clothes.

She said: "If you fancy going nude, you shouldn't have to worry about what others might think."

And Carolyn O'Hare, 19, from Bishopbriggs, thinks Scots are too hung up to hang up their gear. She said: "I might go nude if I lived somewhere where they're laid- back about nudity, but in Scotland it's a no-no."

Jogger Barry Robertson went out for a run - and found himself under STARKERS ORDERS.

The 25-year-old, from Crieff, explained: explained: "I accidentally found myself on a nudist beach it Greece after getting lost on a jog.

"But it certainly looked like fun.One person who definitely won't be celebrating World Naturist Day is Shakeela Ahmed, 22, of Glasgow. She said:"I wouldn't go topless in my garden, never mind in public."

Among the hardy Scots souls who'll be letting it all hang out for the celebrations will be members of the Forth Country and Camping Club.

Formed 15 years ago, it has 80 members, ranging from policemen to lorry drivers.

But boss George Hill reckons there are at least 6000 "closet" naturists in Scotland.

And he claims it's time councils allowed more nude beaches to open.

There are only two in Scotland - Ardeer Beach in Ayrshire and Cleat's Shore at Lagg on Arran.

George said the club members are hoping the hot spell will continue for World Naturist Day

He said: "If the sun has got its hat on, you can be sure we'll have our kit off."


AUSTRIA: No need for a bikini top on most lakeside beaches.

DENMARK: Sunbathe topless without anyone batting an eyelid. No law against nude bathing.

FRANCE: Bare breasts are the norm on the Cote d'Azur, but can excite outrage in Corsica.

GERMANY: Nude bathing is popular at beaches marked "FKK".

IRELAND: Nude bathing is technically illegal but there are plenty of unspoilt beaches where no one would ever know.

ITALY: Bare breasts are okay in some resorts. No nude bathing outside a

naturist club.

NETHERLANDS: Nudists should stick to sections of beaches marked "Naaktstrand".

PORTUGAL: Go topless on most beaches, but nudity is tolerated in only some resorts.

SPAIN: Women may go topless on most beaches. Nudity is fine in designated areas.

TURKEY: Topless bathing is allowed on tourist beaches, but nudity is illegal.

Bare ribs barbecue

MEET the Grays of Galashiels - the family whose idea of heaven is a barbecue with BARE RIBS.

Taxi drivers Graham, 26, and Jo, 26, and their kids - Natalie, five, Carl, two, and 19- month-old Alice - are members of the Forth Country and Camping Club.

And that means stripping off for their regular swim sessions and barbecues.

Graham - who got into naturism when he was with the army in Belize - said: "When you take off your clothes, you shed your worries at the same time.

"Most people's idea of what goes on at a nudist club sounds like an old Benny Hill sketch.

"But we don't hand in our clothes at the door and get them back when we leave. And we don't go nude in snowstorms."

Contact Forth Country and Camping Club on 01968 672 619.
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Author:Smith, Aidan
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 31, 1997
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