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HAVE WE GOT A P45 FOR YOU: I am sad but lying Angus has brought it on himself; EXCLUSIVE: BY THE GIRLFRIEND WHO EXPOSED HIM.


THE woman who revealed Angus Deayton's drug- fuelled sex obsession said last night: "He deserves to be sacked."

Scriptwriter Stacy Herbert, 34, said: "I am very sorry that he has lost his job, but it doesn't surprise me and, if I am honest, I think he deserves this.

"He has treated people very badly - including me.

"I think it became inevitable that he would be sacked, because how can he poke fun at politicians or celebrities who get into trouble when he has been doing exactly the same thing himself for so long?"

New York-born Stacy told the Sunday Mirror last weekend that Deayton took cocaine on five occasions during their two-year affair and that she had sex with him the night before his long-term partner Lise Meyer gave birth to the couple's son.

Stacy was Deayton's mistress for two years when news broke of his cocaine-fuelled nights with prostitute Caroline Martin in May this year.

Caroline revealed that the TV host slipped away from his partner of nine years and their two-year-old son Isaac to snort the drug in hotels in Manchester and London before intense sex sessions.

While he fought to save his BBC job, panicked Deayton went to ground and refused to return Stacy's calls.

And his PR team, desperate to protect his reputation, even paid nearly pounds 16,000 for her to take a four-week break abroad in the hope that the scandal would die down. She spent time in Paris and at the exclusive Ocean Club in the Bahamas.

But Stacy was furious that Deayton dropped her completely when she returned.

She told the Mirror: "I never wanted to talk about our relationship.

"We saw each other for more than two years and even after the initial allegations came out I still stayed quiet. But he just dropped me and got his PR machine to try to shut me up and keep me out of the story.

"If he'd just taken the trouble to call me or reply to my many emails, I would not have spoken out. He just wanted to save his own skin by getting me out of his life."

Stacy said she watched in horror Deayton's excruciating performance on Friday's Have I Got News for You.

The shamed presenter was mercilessly attacked by co-stars Ian Hislop and Paul Merton over her revelations in the Sunday Mirror.

She said: "I found it incredibly painful to watch. I could barely look at him because it was so painful."

Stacy's revelations were the final straw for BBC bosses, who initially stood by him when news of his off-screen behaviour broke.

They allowed him to continue his lucrative Have I Got News for You role after he gave assurances that no more embarrassing revelations would emerge.

But even his most ardent defenders at the Beeb knew his days were numbered when Stacy spoke out.

She told our sister paper that Deayton took her on holiday with Lise, his girlfriend for nine years, in order to have sex.

While Lise - who was six months pregnant with Isaac - lay by the pool, he and Stacy would sneak off to a bedroom. She also said he took cocaine on five occasions and said his insatiable desires led to her employing the help of a prostitute - which backfired.

She said: "In the end, I stupidly offered to get him a prostitute to act out his fantasies.

"I thought it would bring us closer, but then he just wanted another and another."

Stacy also revealed the star was obsessed with the idea of having a threesome and she and a friend called Sabrina agreed to perform for him at Christmas.

The three ended up dancing naked around a living room to the Oasis hit Wonderwall.

It later emerged that Deayton embarked on the affair with Stacy just when he and Lise were having IVF treatment.

He was so paranoid at being found out that he refused on occasions to be seen in public with Stacy, sending her down to breakfast on her own when they shared hotel rooms.

Stacy decided to tell her side of the story after Deayton dumped her with a phone call when details of his nights with Caroline emerged in June.

She was furious that he ignored her for the past five months. "He never told me it was over or explained why he doesn't want to see me any more," she said this month.

"I would have kept quiet if only he could have talked to me like a man.

"I have no choice but to set the record straight."


PARTNER: Deayton with Lise Meyer. Left, Stacy speaks out; THREESOME: Stacy, left, Angus and Sabrina
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 30, 2002
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