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HAVE A CIGAR, MONICA; Clinton faces sex game claims.

PRESIDENT Clinton and Monica Lewinsky played a bizarre sex game in the White House with a cigar, it was claimed last night.

The kinky encounter took place as Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat sat outside, waiting to meet the president for crucial talks on the Middle East crisis.

Now Clinton's closest aides fear Lewinsky could describe sordid details of the incident on worldwide TV - finally forcing the humiliated president to resign.

She is said to have told special prosecutor Kenneth Starr how she played the game with the expensive cigar in Clinton's private office while he performed a sex act.

She then handed it back to Clinton, who said: "I'll smoke that later."

Arafat was in the nearby White House Rose Garden, ready for his meeting with Clinton on May 2 1996 as the peace process with Israel teetered on the edge of bloody collapse.

The sex game was revealed by Matt Drudge, the Internet columnist who broke the original story of the scandal, on his web page.

Many of Drudge's revelations have been denied at the time, only to be admitted as fact months later. White House officials last night refused to discuss the allegations.

But 25-year-old former secretary Lewinsky has said she is prepared to give a "full and frank" description of their sex life before the House Judiciary Committee.

If they ask to hear her evidence it will be televised live across the world.

Clinton's team believe that could be the final straw for the US public, forcing him to quit.

The president was continuing his holiday on the island of Martha's Vineyard yesterday, trying to patch things up with wife Hillary.

The atmosphere was described as "tense", with their 18-year-old daughter Chelsea trying to get her mum and dad to talk about their problems.

Clinton will stay on holiday until Sunday, when he visits Russia for a summit with President Boris Yeltsin, and then flies to Northern Ireland.

His communications director Ann Lewis said yesterday: "Real- life issues beat scandal.

"The goal is to move the debate back to where people think it ought to be about, which is what their government is doing."

Lewinsky spent the weekend with family and friends and was said to be "relieved" that her testimony to the 23-member Grand Jury has come to an end.

But Clinton could be called back in front of the jury to explain differences between his evidence and hers.

And the issue of gifts he allegedly gave and then demanded back could still prove to be his biggest problem.

Clinton said he did not ask his personal secretary Betty Currie to visit Lewinsky and demand them back.

Lewinsky said this was a lie - and Currie is expected to give evidence this week.

The latest opinion poll showed Clinton is still popular - but that would change if he was proved to have lied in his evidence last week to the Grand Jury.

People think he is allowed to do what he likes in his private life but should never lie under oath.

Just over 65 per cent said he should quit if he lied and 63 per cent said that he should resign if he encouraged anyone else to lie.

Hillary's ratings have soared to the highest of her husband's presidency.
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Author:Us, Andy Lines
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 24, 1998
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