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HATE FOR SALE; Islamic shops still peddling books and DVDs glorifying bombers.


ISLAMIC bookshops across Britain are STILL fanning the flames of terrorism by openly selling hate-filled books and DVDs.

They are REFUSING to clear their shelves of shocking material glorifying suicide bombings and terror attacks.

In the aftermath of the bloodshed on our streets, our reporters were offered a wealth of material aimed at spreading LOATHING and inciting VIOLENCE.

A DVD branded Britain a "police state" and distorted Premier Tony Blair's face into Satan's.

The film also included lurid footage of masked men with rocket launchers, gunmen boasting of their killing toll, and young children being taught how to "resist and die" for Palestine as "martyrs". One book on sale for just pounds 4.50 in a predominantly Asian neighbourhood of Birmingham urged followers to bring Western enemies "to their knees".

Yet fears about the availability of such material at religious bookshops was rife after the July 7 suicide bombings and the failed attacks on July 21. The Government claimed to have launched a widespread crackdown and promised to bring in a new law against "incitement" later this year.

But the Maktabah Al Ansaar bookshop in Sparkhill, Birmingham, has a DVD called 21st Century CRUSADERS - with the letters USA picked out in case readers don't get the message.

Footage of the 9/11 outrage is shown with a hateful poem saying: "We shall not stop our raids until you abandon our lands." You can also buy the book The Army Of Madinah In Kashmir which preaches hatred against America and Europe.

In London's Baker Street, the Dar Al Taqwa bookshop claims to stock only moderate books.

But it has Thirty Ways To Enter Paradise, which cites waging a jihad or holy war.

Last night, Muslim organisations expressed their horror at extremist material still on sale.

Ajmal Masroor, of the Islamic Society of Britain, said: "We believe such material should NOT be sold in Islamic bookshops."

Ibrahim Mogra, chair of the Muslim Council of Great Britain, said: "The bookshops should focus on providing Islamic books that encourage spirituality and understanding."

The Home Office said: "It is vital to take a stand against hatred which has a corrosive effect on our communities."


PREACHING HATE: Scenes from "Crusders" DVD on sale at shop also selling anti-West book, above; FEAR: London shop with book citing jihad; ALARM: Birmingham shop with hate DVD
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jul 31, 2005
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