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In a new report, Cleveland market researcher Freedonia Group projects hardscape unit demand increasing 5.4 percent annually through 2023, driven especially by consumer interest in higher value offerings like concrete plank pavers that resemble wood, along with permeable interlocking concrete, natural stone or porcelain pavers.

According to "Landscape Products," owners will increasingly invest in more expensive hardscape units as they seek to expand the square footage of their homes by creating more elaborate "outdoor rooms" emulating indoor living area comfort and aesthetics. Outdoor living stalwarts like fire pits and chimeneas--part of a $665 million category Freedonia researchers dub "other landscaping products"--will see renewed interest over the next five years as homeowners extend their outdoor leisure time past sunset, particularly in cooler climates bound by seasonal limitations.

"Landscaping Products" analyzes the U.S. landscaping market by product and region; historical data and demand forecasts are presented in value and volume terms. Pricing data, regulatory information, and in-depth profiles of leading industry participants, including estimated market share, are also

Caption: Basalite plank pavers

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Title Annotation:NEWS SCOPE: BLOCK & PAVER
Publication:Concrete Products
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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