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Dog Food Recall: Darwin's Dog Food of Tukwila, Wash., is recalling two of its products for possible salmonella contamination: Natural Selections Turkey Meals for Dogs, Lot #39937, manufactured 08/24117, and Natural Selections Duck Meals for Dogs, Lot #40487, manufactured 09/29/17. You may contact the company with questions at or 866-832-8319.

Drug-Resistant Heartworms: WGNO from Metairie, La., reports that a yellow labrador retriever is the first U.S. pet infected by a new drug-resistant strain of heartworms. The dog was on monthly heartworm prevention and contracted the heartworms in 2014. The story was just published in Parasites and Vectors.

The Department of Infectious Diseases at University of Georgia's College of Veterinary Medicine confirmed that the heartworms were drug-resistant and named the strain "Metairie-2014."

The new strain is helping researchers at UGA better understand and help solve the problem of drug-resistance in heartworms. Owners should use both the monthly preventative drug and mosquito repellent on their dogs for double-based protection.

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Publication:Dog Watch
Date:Jan 31, 2018
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