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1450: Glasgow University was founded.

1558: Calais, the last English possession on mainland France, was recaptured by the French.

1610: Italian astronomer Galileo discovered Jupiter's four satellites, naming them Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

1785: Jean-Pierre Blanchard and Dr John Jefferies made the first air crossing of the English Channel. They used a hot-air balloon.

1904: The international distress signal CQD was adopted. Two years later, it was replaced with SOS. 1927: The London-New York telephone service began operating. A three-minute call cost pounds 15.

1965: Ronnie and Reggie Kray were remanded in custody on a charge of demanding money with menaces. 1973: Hitler's car was sold for $153,000 at an Arizona auction. 1975: OPEC agreed to raise crude oil prices by 10%, which began a wave of world economic inflation. 1999: Bill Clinton's impeachment trial began.

2003: Six terror suspects were questioned after traces of the deadly poison ricin were found in a flat above a London pharmacy.
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Date:Jan 7, 2012
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