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 LONDON, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Hanson PLC (NYSE: HAN) pre-tax profit was 1,016 million pounds sterling on sales of 9.76 billion pounds. After tax profit was 734 million pounds with earnings per ordinary share of 15.1p. The next quarterly dividend of 2.85p per ordinary share is payable on Jan. 4 and the gross yield is 5.3%.
 The annual report, published today, shows cash flow from operating activities of 302 million pounds with asset and other business disposals generating another 167 million pounds. Quantum Chemical Corporation, a world leader in the manufacture of polyethylene, was acquired on Sept. 30, 1993. This acquisition and others cost a total of 2.9 billion pounds including the cost of assumed net borrowings. Net debt is shown as 3.4 billion pounds. During the year the balance sheet was strengthened by the successful issue of $1.25 billion U.S. Long Term Notes.
 The effect of the change in the value of the pound sterling from $1.78 at the beginning of the financial year to $1.49 at Sept. 30, 1993, had a significant impact on the balance sheet increasing, for example, net fixed assets by 1.5 billion pounds. If the 1993 exchange rate had been used in 1992 that year's pre-tax profit would have been 89 million pounds higher.
 Since Hanson announced its results for the year to Sept. 30, 1993, it has announced plans to float Beazer Homes, Britain's fourth largest housebuilder and Beazer Homes USA Inc., one of the leading single family home U.S. builders, in two separate transactions in the U.K. and the USA.
 A tentative agreement, subject to ratification by the UMWA members, was reached on Dec. 7 between the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) and the Bituminous Coal Operators' Association (BCOA) who represent Hanson's Peabody Coal Company and Eastern Associated Coal Corp. and eight other coal operators. Hopefully this will lead to an end to the U.S. coal strike.
 During the year Hanson Industries gave $1 million for the relief of U.S. flood victims. Hanson also gave a five year 1 million pound sponsorship to the National Youth Theatre. Worldwide donations amounted to 3.3 million pounds particularly for community relief, education, medicine and the arts. "Significant environmental progress has been achieved by Hanson companies," the report continues, "using systems which ensure a detailed understanding of the effect of our operations on their surroundings." In addition, Hanson's good neighbor policy is reflected by such examples as the reclamation of surface mined coal lands in Indiana and Greenways Landfill operation in Nottinghamshire converting domestic waste to domestic fuel.
 Lord White, chairman of Hanson Industries, and David Clarke, chief executive, said: "Our financial strength and operating ability have seen us through the weak economic environment and most of our businesses have
exceptional upside trading profit potential in an expanding economy. As the recovery gathers steam, we look forward to a period of sustained real growth in chemicals, construction, material handling, forest products and coal. U.S. shareholdings represent over 25 percent of Hanson's share capital."
 The chairman commented: "The appointment of Derek Bonham as deputy chairman indicates the board's succession plans." A joint statement said: "A positive recovery is now evident in most of our major markets and we believe trading profit will continue to improve in 1994. Against that, however, increases in the net interest cost will be a significant factor. Our immediate policy, already under way, is to reduce debt by a phased program of realizations of some subsidiaries not seen to be `major activities' which will give rise to exceptional profit this year. We always try to increase dividends where possible and depending on current trading and the outlook, we shall have this under active consideration during 1994.
 "With our trading strength, our major investment in business assets during the recession and the recovery potential of our cyclical businesses, we have great faith in the ability of your company to grow in the future."
 ANNUAL MEETING: Barbican Hall, Barbican Centre, London,
 Wednesday, Jan. 26, 1994, at 11 a.m.
 1993 1992
 1. Net dividends per ordinary share
 January 2.85p --
 April 2.85p --
 July 2.85p 2.75p
 October 2.85p 2.75p
 11.4p 5.5p
 During 1992 the Board adopted the policy of paying dividends quarterly in January, April, July and October. Payments of 2.75p per ordinary share were made on July 1 and Oct. 1, 1992. Dividends for 1993 were paid at the rate of 2.85p per quarter. Subsequent quarterly dividends will be not less than 2.85p (equivalent to an annualized dividend of 11.4p).
 2. Payment of dividend
 The next quarterly dividend will be paid on Jan. 4, 1994, to those shareholders on the register on Dec. 13, 1993. The ordinary shares are expected to trade ex-dividend on the London Stock Exchange from Dec. 13, 1993. Payment to ADR holders will be made by the Authorised Depositary Citibank N.A. on Jan. 11, 1994, to holders of record on Dec. 13, 1993. The ADRs are trading ex-dividend on the New York Stock Exchange.
 3. Issued ordinary
 At Sept. 30 1,262mn pounds 1,205mn pounds
 Average Number of 25p shares
 at Sept. 30 4.828bn 4.814bn
 Number of shares fully diluted 5.084bn 5.259bn
 4. Earnings per share adjusted for US GAAP
 Undiluted - continuing operations 11.6p 14.5p
 Diluted - continuing operations 11.6p 14.4p
 5. Exchange Rates
 Conversion into U.S. dollars is at the exchange rate ruling at the 1993 balance sheet date, $1.4955 to the pound(1992-$1.7815).
 6. Market Data
 a. Yesterday's closing market price: 270p
 b. Number of ordinary shares in issue today: 5.04 billion
 c. Market capitalization including convertible and warrants:
 14.33 billion pounds.
 -0- 12/10/93
 /CONTACT: Mickey Foster of Hanson Industries, 908-603-6977/


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