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HANGED CAT SET ON FIRE; pounds 2,000 reward to catch evil thugs.


A CAT found strung up above a busy city street had been set on fire before being hanged alive. The shocking revelation comes as a pounds 2,000 reward is offered for the capture of the sadists responsible.

Disgusted animal lovers pledged the money after they saw the shocking photos of the cruelty in the ECHO yesterday.

Two dead adult cats were discovered on Monday morning, hanging from the window of an empty flat in Kensington.

RSPCA vets carried out a post mortem examination on the pair of black cats yesterday. It revealed: nThe first cat had been burnt, turning its fur brown, before it was strung up. The examination revealed a dislocated neck which suggests it was alive when it was hanged. n The second cat suffered no burns and fractures suggesting it was dead when it was strung up.

Three readers, who wish to remain anonymous, and Kensington Fields residents' association(KFRA), were so horrified by the cruelty that they have promised a reward following the arrest and conviction of the thugs responsible.

One said: 'I am appalled.

I am a cat lover and have five cats myself. I would happily hand over pounds 1,000 to see these monsters caught."

Another cat lover, who pledged pounds 500, said: 'I have had cats all my life. This has shocked and sickened me.

'I will gladly pledge pounds 500 if it leads to an arrest and conviction. Let's try and catch the culprits.'

Another pet owner, who promised pounds 500, said: 'I love animals and I abhor cruelty. People should be coming forward to identify these people without the financial incentive but if that is what it takes to catch these people then so be it.'

The KFRA have pledged pounds 300.

A joint police and RSPCA investigation is currently underway.

Police say the window was in an empty property that was broken into and vandalised.

Heather Holmes, of the RSPCA, said: 'Anyone who has any information at all about who might be responsible for this cruelty please contact us RSPCAhotlineIF you know who is responsible call the RSPCA hotline on 08705 555999 and ask to leave a message for RSPCA inspector Claire Roberts
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 24, 2005
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