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HANDSOME and proud but rather lonely male WLTM attractive female, for romance and maybe more. And a bit of peace in the Overbury household!

We're very lucky at Chateau Overbury as our garden backs on to open fields which gives us a great sense of privacy and peace. But there can be disadvantages on occasions. And the past few weeks have proved to be one of those times.

A peacock - stunningly coloured and truly beautiful - has taken up residence on top of the garden shed at the bottom of the garden. He calls out at all times of the day - and often at night - in search of a mate.

The dog doesn't like this and she barks back - again, at all times of the day and night. We've come to the conclusion that Percy Peacock believes he has found his mate, as he answers back. Loudly. And we have a noisy cycle of peacock squawking, dog barking, peacock answering, dog barking more loudly and so on ... and on ... and on!

We live on the edge of wonderful countryside and could be the envy of many who yearn for the rural life. But there are disadvantages as well as advantages - one major one being limited public transport. And none after 6pm.

To those who live in the town and yearn for a home in the country - or vice versa - I have a word of advice. Don't jump in with both feet. Test the water of the lifestyle you yearn for. Don't sell up and move lock stock and barrel. Do as much research as you can and consider renting a home in the area you've set your heart on before committing to buy.

Moving is an expensive business. And although to many people paying rent means lining someone else's pocket, remember that renting and spending in the short term could save a lot of money and heartache in the long term.

As for me, I wouldn't swap the fields and the freedom - no matter how often and how early Percy squawks!

Enjoy your weekend.

Karen Overbury homemaker editor
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 15, 2010
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