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A CATNAPPER was caught on camera bundling a kitten into a handbag in a theft from a pet shop.

Shop owner Carol Ivory checked her store's CCTV when the kitten she was looking after went missing from his usual nap spot at Albany Pets, in Roath, Cardiff, south Wales.

Instead of finding the kitten, called Little Boy, simply slumbering in a different place, she was horrified to see him fall prey to a shoplifter. In-store cameras captured the moment when the kitten was picked up and stolen.

WRINKLY fingers from sitting in the bath for too long could well have a useful purpose, according to research.

Wrinkles that form on skin after being in water improve grip on wet objects, scientists from Newcastle University claim to have shown.

The study compared the results of people taking objects out of water with and without the prunelike skin formation.

A US prison warden has been suspended after inmates complained they were made to rub pepper sauce on their genitals.

Six prisoners in North Carolina claim officers forced them to perform numerous humiliating acts, including gulping hot sauce and lathering it on themselves.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 11, 2013
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