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HALF-DOG STRETCH: This modified yoga pose strengthens the back muscles and increases the flexibility of the spine, hips, and ankles. Begin by facing a counter, wall or sofa back; stand close and hold on with both hands for support. Still holding on, step back, pushing your hips away from the support until they are lined up over your legs, with along, straight back. Bend at the hips as you lower your torso, aiming your head between your elbows, your back parallel to the floor. Lengthen your back and press down through your heels. Lengthen further on a deep inhale. Exhale fully, allowing your body to settle into the stretch; then lengthen just a bit further on the next inhale. To step out of the pose, relax and, on an inhale, step forward, then round up to standing. Repeat throughout the day.

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Date:Nov 1, 2014
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