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HAGA Discusses the Value of Heirloom Seed Saving for Emergency Preparedness.

Incline Village, NV, June 02, 2015 --( The recent string of calamities that are affecting different parts of the world are now becoming a huge concern for many families. Major droughts, earthquakes and flash floods used to occur just a few times within a decade, but these days, they are more frequent than ever. Since it's difficult to predict when these calamites will recur, it is advisable for families to prepare an emergency survival plan. Handy tools to ensure survival, medical supplies to treat wounds, and heirloom seeds to plant a vegetable garden are all necessary for effective emergency preparedness.

According to Home and Garden America, heirloom seeds are essential to survival because they enable people to grow a food garden that will feed their families in the event of an emergency.

"Reliance is a part of emergency preparedness. You need to rely on the right tools and food supply in order to ensure long-term survival. Food can particularly be an issue during a disaster, but when you plant your own survival vegetable garden, you can continually produce nutritious and organic vegetables for your family. Many depend on heirloom seeds for this purpose," said a representative for Home and Garden America.

Aside from growing a survival garden, heirloom seeds can also be saved for future use. These seeds have the ability to last for years when stored correctly. Longevity is valuable when it comes to emergency preparedness especially since disasters cannot be predicted. Households that keep a high-quality heirloom seeds pack will always have a good seed supply that delivers when needed.

Heirloom seed saving truly is a useful technique when it comes to preparing for emergencies. Anyone who wants to eat healthier, be equipped for the future, and live a more sustainable lifestyle will surely benefit from it.

Home and Garden America's SlideShare presentation has more details on this topic.


Chuck Harmon is an expert on survival gardening. For him, using heirloom seeds to plant organic vegetables is a smart way to ensure one's food supply during an emergency situation.

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Date:Jun 2, 2015
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