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H1N1 Has Hurt US Beef Value More than Pork - Analysts.

29 May 2009 - Recently released data shows that, besides the decline in US pork cutout value since mid-April caused by the global H1N1 scare, more surprisingly the decline in beef cutout values was even more dramatic.

The data also shows that pork cutout has recovered a bit lately from the worst of the H1N1 scare. However, beef cutout values show no signs of picking up yet.

The Steiner Group, an economic consulting firm, commented: "The departures from both the year-ago and normal seasonal patterns is just too sharp and too coincidental, we think, to not be driven by the same H1N1 scare that has hurt pork prices".

"It appears to us that the scare spilled over to beef as well", added the consultants.

"Part of the reduction (in beef cutout value) is likely a general fear reaction to meat as well. It may not be logical from out standpoint but logic flies out the window in a panic".

Chicken, however, does not show such problems. According to the data, both 12-city wholesale broilers and Georgia Dock broilers have moved higher over the past 4 weeks. Chicken seems to continue to benefit from growth in the U.S. retail and export sectors as consumers and countries replace pork and beef protein with cheaper chicken.
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Publication:Feedinfo News Service
Date:May 29, 2009
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