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H.S. Strut. (Calls).

Turkey hunters often have trouble with the unwanted noises shaker-type gobble calls make when they're being packed. The folks at H.S. Strut[R] solved this problem with their new Twister Gobble Call. Simply twist the bell on the end of the call to silence it while you are walking and then twist it back when you're set up and ready to call. Also new, the Tone Trough Turkey Diaphragm Call features the familiar reed of a diaphragm call but incorporates a built-in molded plastic tone chamber. The tone chamber requires 50-percent less air pressure to make the call work, so you no longer have to worry about blowing out reeds, or "over-blowing" the call. Tone Trough Turkey Diaphragm Calls are available in a wide range of reed configurations. Contact: Hunter's Specialties, 6000 Huntington Court NE, Dept. BH, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402; (319) 395-0321; fax (319) 395-0326;
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Author:Fortenbaugh, Brian
Date:May 15, 2002
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