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H'wood's 'Lost' and found dept.

A U.K. English prof recently reduced the plot of John Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost" to a text message short enough to fit on the screen of a cell phone: "Devl kikd outa hevn coz jelus of iesus & strts war."

Sound like the plot of a Jerry Bruckheimer movie?

Legendary Pictures seems to agree. It plans to give "Paradise Lost" the blockbuster treatment, with a script by Scott Derickson, who adapted "Beware the Night" for Bruckheimer.

It might be Milton's first Hollywood turn, but he's in good company: Robert Zemeckis is shooting a CGI version of "Beowulf." Dino De Laurentiis is prepping a version of Giovanni Boccaccio's "The Decameron" that allegedly will feature Hayden Christensen in the buff.

Having exhausted the bestseller list in their search for the next great literary voice, New York film scouts seem to have found a wealth of material on their bookshelves at home, all conveniently free of copyright protection.

It's called the Norton Anthology of English Literature.

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Title Annotation:Legendary Pictures contracts with Scott Derickson for new movie 'Paradise Lost'
Author:Bing, Jonathan
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Apr 24, 2006
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