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H&R 999 Sportsman.

I am trying to fit a new lever and spring assembly on an H&R 999 Sportsman and I am having a problem with the spring. I have followed the instructions from Numrich Gun Parts Corporation but the spring always breaks and comes loose from the lever. Are there any special methods or tips for doing this correctly?

Samuel Garrison

The 999 is listed among many other obsolete H&R revolvers in Volume 2 of Jack First Gunshop's catalog. The schematic there-in shows the lifter (hand) assembly is a one-piece affair that includes the spring. An extremely small pin, not identified in the drawing, secures the spring to the body of the lifter.

We don't mean to cast aspersions of the serviceability of components received from Numrich or your budding abilities, but small, flat springs can be very prone to breakage if improperly heat treated or roughly mishandled. We see three options. First, you could take the matter up with Numrich and order a replacement unit. Second, drift out the retaining pin in a broken unit you have on hand with a very small drift punch or short length of drill rod. Finally, you could retrieve the remainder of the spring from the lifter, have it tack-welded back on to the spring, grind and polish the weld true smooth, then reinstall the spring with its retaining pin to the lifter.

Easier, and quicker is to call Jack First (605/343-9544), explain the problem you've been having and order a fresh lifter assembly for the revolver.

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Author:Garrison, Samuel
Publication:American Gunsmith
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Date:Oct 1, 2015
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