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Gutter filter.

GUTTER FILTER eliminates dangerous and dirty gutter cleaning. GutterStuff[R] is an easy, self-installed gutter filter that is both affordable and invis-ible. GutterStuff fitscompletely inside any 5-inch K-style gutter-the most common style and size on the market today. GutterStuff seals out leaves while allowing large volumes of water to flow through quickly. No other gutter cover, screen or guard system works as effectively to keep debris from entering the gutter. The filter comes in 4-foot secnons made from polyether outdoor durable foam. This lightweight insert won't crumble, dent, bend or cave in. It also prevents mosquitoes from breeding in the gutter. It includes UV protective coating, a germicide, a fire retardant and has a five year performance warranty.



(866) 766-3442, or WWW.GUTFERSTUFF.COM

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Title Annotation:Product Report: What's New on the Market
Publication:Hardware Retailing
Date:Nov 1, 2009
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