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Gustav Klimt: Modernism in the Making.


All that glitters will be gold in North America's first full-scale Klimt retrospective (thirty-six paintings and ninty-five drawings). Organized by Frick Collection chief curator Colin Bailey, formerly of the National Gallery of Canada, the show should relocate this favorite '60s poster artist back in the murky world of Freud's Vienna, with sumptuous offerings of both superego and id. Portraits of the rich and glamorous alternate with ruminations on the mysteries of love, sex, and death. Mixing decorative motifs from Mycenae to Byzantium, Klimt makes his imperious female sitters look like reincarnations of the Empress Theodora and, in a work like Hope, 1903, can even transform a nine-months-pregnant teen into a femme fatale. June 15-Sept. 16.
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Author:Rosenblum, Robert
Publication:Artforum International
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Date:May 1, 2001
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