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Gurney, Chris (text) Ross Kinnaird (illus.): Cindy and the Lost Jandal.

[dagger][dagger] GURNEY, Chris (text) Ross Kinnaird (illus.) Cindy and the Lost Jandal ISBN 9781869438883

[dagger][dagger] MORRISON, Yvonne (text) Donovan Bixley (illus.) The Tuatara and the Skink ISBN 9781869438784 SCIS 1408374 Scholastic (Kiwi Corker: Great New Zealand Yarns), 2009 24pp NZ$17.99


The first title is a rollicking ramble that retells the ancient story of Cinderella with a distinctly kiwi take. When we first meet Cindy Arella, with 'mud on her gumboots and dirt in her eye' having just fed the chooks and milked the cows, we are positioned to just have a laugh at the ingenuity of this retelling. It is the carnivalesque moment when the exalted and revered are brought down to size and the small and the weak inherit the earth that is of course, the timeless message of Cinderella. Let's face it, egalitarianism is the core of the kiwi way of life. Recommended.

Next you can guess which Aesop's fable is being retold in a somewhat funky manner when Sammy the skink proclaims to Tom the Tuatara, 'I'm lizard perfection! I'm speedy and sneaky and stylish and sleek, and all of the girl lizards love my physique ... Unlike some of the reptiles you see around here ... you're slow and ugly.' Clearly the gauntlet is being lowered here and a competition will ensue and you can even guess who finally might win! This book is certainly a humorous take on the turtle and the hare, and the illustrations underline the zaniness of the narrative poem tale. JMcK

[dagger][dagger] Book by a New Zealand author or illustrator
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Title Annotation:The Tuatara and the Skink
Author:McKenzie, John
Publication:Reading Time
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2009
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