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The textbook on workers' comp: Los Angeles' Unified School District turns around its workers' comp and disability management programs, and wins a 2008 Theodore Roosevelt Workers' Comp and Disability Award. Cover story Nov 1, 2008 2007
Mission: risk ready: the U.S. Navy sets itself apart from other military branches by its risk management focus on individual risk. It sets itself apart from any form of corporate risk management because some of its pilots are landing jets onto pitching aircraft carriers, and for other reasons too. Cover story Oct 15, 2008 2561
The seeker: long before it was popular, Dan Anderson was talking about risk and sustainability. Sep 15, 2008 631
Put your money where.... How to get school leadership to invest scarce dollars in safety and prevention, and show a return-on-investment. Sep 15, 2008 591
A man of action: running with the idea of self-insurance. Sep 15, 2008 672
Creating best practices: Nicholas Tworischuk tackled the immense task of categorizing risk management best practices for the 57 colleges and universities in New Jersey. Sep 15, 2008 667
Now showing: fixed on filmmaking to get safety messages through to impressionable students. Sep 15, 2008 803
The check on the wall: Dan Thomas indoctrinates risk management into the academic and social culture. Sep 15, 2008 1001
Fashioning a forum: Mike Witka has created a place for Roman Catholic risk managers to share their concerns and methods. Sep 15, 2008 493
Teaching the children: Dawn Watkins is saving money in Los Angeles for co-workers and to better educate kids. Sep 15, 2008 596
Rocking Little Rock: revamping "old school" thinking by cutting waste and finding interim work for injured workers. Sep 15, 2008 662
Culture change: weaving together strands of workers' comp claims management for New York City. Sep 15, 2008 555
Running risk whitewaters: creating results in a Canadian YMCA program that counts the perils of rafting among its risks. Sep 15, 2008 489
Sifting through the alphabet soup of designations: various insurance industry educational designations have sprung up over the years, but their perceived value to gain advancement in the industry has ebbed and flowed. Jun 1, 2008 3129
Carrying I.U.'s risk management tune: string bass ace Larry Stephens found there wasn't much romance in driving trucks and left ... to become an insurance adjuster and finally a risk management director. Apr 15, 2008 1693
Flushing out the frequent flyers: Houston Independent School District claims manager Tom Dolan knew it was time to act when one employee had 17 claims in five years. How he dispelled such "frequent flyers" is what gained the district a 2007 Teddy Award. Cover story Nov 1, 2007 1572
Pinning down the shifting boundaries of immunity: public colleges and universities are not immune to the legal onslaught that sometimes follows when tragedy strikes. Evolving state statutes could place more legal responsibility on schools. Sep 1, 2007 1986
Everybody into the pool: supporters of pooling mechanisms to buy insurance say they've been one of the insurance industry's big success stories. May 1, 2007 1735
When Homeland Security calls: Marsh team secures coverage for a Michigan county within days of Iraqi elections. Apr 15, 2007 666
Issues no match for pigskin, mudslinging: Donelon wins La, commissioner race notable for its voter apathy. Dec 1, 2006 329
Tales of uplift: Bill Wandel faced a nasty irony: people were getting hurt helping other people. But he put a dent in that with a little imagination, some money and a dose of "system-positive jealousy.". Cover story Nov 1, 2006 1663
Collateral damage: collateralization calculations are a touchy subject with buyers, reason enough to shed light on the subject--before the disputes end up in court. Oct 1, 2006 2105
Avian. Flu@edu: with so many people living in such close quarters, colleges and universities "act like giant petri dishes" in which a virus can grow and mutate. The paradox of some pandemics is that they are more likely to kill the healthiest among us. Apr 15, 2006 1550
Open house at domestic domiciles: a harder market could push REITs to do more than window-shop for captives. Jan 1, 2006 726
Eye drive: driving with care slashes accident rates, claim rates and per-vehicle accident costs, according to a user of DriverCare fleet management software. Mario Andrettis need not apply. Nov 1, 2005 1463
From booze to breakthroughs: higher-education risks still include drinking problems and mental-health issues while universities also grapple with emerging risks from research and technology. Sep 1, 2005 3796
Man sues "Fear Factor" after getting sick--isn't that the point? Paralegal sues for $25 million after he claims the NBC show made him ill. Mar 1, 2005 302
Reflections on a seminal week: more than 180 exhibitors and 1,200 attendees show up at the 13th Annual National Workers' Comp and Disability Conference in November. Top subjects of discussion include the changes in California's workers' compensation laws, return-to-work strategies and techniques on disability management. Jan 1, 2005 1377
Leaves of green. Nov 1, 2004 1150
Reality shows push the limits: which is easier--performing a stunt on a reality TV show or insuring the show? Which would you rather do--eat maggots to win $100,000 or insure a reality TV show? Cover Story Sep 15, 2004 2378
A time to lead: the next frontier for PRIMA and its new president, Cindy Davis, will be educating some of the organization's newer members who have joined since Sept. 11. They include small towns, municipalities and other public entities that don't have full-time risk managers. May 1, 2004 1137
Risk stalks U.S. campuses: university risk managers are uncovering all sorts of liabilities--risk they didn't know they had. As a result, college administrators are dusting off crisis management plans in a hurry. Cover Story Dec 1, 2003 3375

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