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Surmounting the difficulties of scope mounting: theoretically, mounting a scope shouldn't be difficult; however, in reality, sometimes it can be a gunsmithing nightmare. Wieland, Terry Jul 1, 2017 776
Sermon on the mount: how to mount a scope the correct way every time. Sweeney, Patrick Nov 1, 2016 2402
An unusual gunsmithing project. Coffield, Reid Sep 1, 2015 971
The unstoppable plastic gun: Cody Wilson distributed plans for 3D-printable weapons to the world, got shut down by the federal government, and won anyway. Doherty, Brian Cover story Dec 1, 2013 4229
Bore slugging. Coffield, Reid Brief article Aug 10, 2013 174
Salvage 1911 frame. Coffield, Reid Brief article Aug 10, 2013 159
AR gunsmithing for beginners part 2: there's just no reason to accept poor reliability or a bad trigger on your AR, and the ever-thrifty Matthews shows that it doesn't take a lot of money to make any AR a sweet shooter. Matthews, Steven May 20, 2013 4291
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Jan 10, 2013 846
Revolvers and springs: shortcuts don't work in shooting or gunsmithing. Learning good revolver action work yields better results than trying to drop in a quick fix. Campbell, RK Jan 1, 2013 1805
Marlin 25M .22WMR. Knapp, Charles Brief article Jan 1, 2013 233
Restore, renovate, ruin: sometimes, the hardest part of a job is dealing with your conscience. What do you do when a customer wants a valuable antique refinished? Mazan, Paul Dec 1, 2012 1376
Savage long-action Model 112 retrofit: sometimes we gunsmiths are faced with the ultimate challenge. Revising a long-action Savage Model 112 bolt to an older, medium-action Model 112 "J" series rifle ranks among the difficult but well within the realm of accomplishment. Johnson, Norman E. Dec 1, 2012 1106
Stevens Model 258A. Reinhart, Bill Brief article Dec 1, 2012 180
Ruger 10/22. Wright, George W. Dec 1, 2012 352
The best gunsmiths. Buol, John M., Jr. Editorial Dec 1, 2012 544
Counterbalancing the stock: in the accuracy arena, where 1/8th of a minute-of-angle increments can make a significant difference, overall rifle balance can play a huge part. Among the more useful aids in achieving stock/rifle balance will be the addition of weight to the buttstock. Johnson, Norman E. Dec 1, 2012 555
A hunter's finish for the wooden stock: if there is more than one way to skin a nine-lived cat, there are ten times more ways to finish a wooden stock. That is a good thing. Like snowflakes, no two stock blanks are exactly alike. How could there be only one way to do this job? Deaner, Wendell Dwight Dec 1, 2012 3182
Barrel sleeving a new way: this in-shop method of barrel sleeving offers real advantages for the shooter and the job fits right in for the gunsmith looking for a unique, cost-effective way to get a quality target/varmint barrel. Johnson, Norman E. Oct 1, 2012 1102
The "other" Soviet submachine gun dummy up a PPS-43 display gun part 1: if you can weld, here's a dummy gun project that's quick, easy and cheap, and gives you something unusual to hang on the wall. Matthews, Steven Sep 20, 2012 3013
Making old better than new: if you have a rifle that doesn't shoot, don't give up just yet. Schoby, Mike Sep 1, 2012 983
H&R 900 series revolvers: sturdy, well made and reasonably accurate, despite going out of business in 1986, H&R .22 revolvers might likely cross your bench. Deaner, Wendell Dwight Sep 1, 2012 2953
Boresighting with a laser: we walk you through scoping a hunting rifle from start to finish. Blood, Ghick Sep 1, 2012 2279
Revolver sideplates, cleaning and a surprise: proper revolver maintenance requires learning disassembly and that means avoiding sideplate damage. This overview also features a classic revolver with a surprise. Campbell, RK Sep 1, 2012 1770
Pillar bedding the Remington 700/40X: controversy remains over the usefulness of adding a third pillar to a rifle action but I no longer question this method of bedding. Johnson, Norman E. Sep 1, 2012 838
AR-15 gas systems: are piston-driven or direct impingement-based gas systems better? Meier, Dean Sep 1, 2012 2110
Chamber polishing. Andonna, Zane Brief article Sep 1, 2012 147
Custom open shotgun sights for slug shooting: installation of open sights on a shotgun for use with slugs makes an ideal deer hunting gun. Finding the right sights to fit your particular gun can pose a problem. Two of my recent projects involving Franchi Model 620VS and Rossi Single Shot Youth Shotguns will illustrate how to perform this custom work. Johnson, Norman E. Jul 1, 2012 882
Winchester Model 490 disassembly and assembly procedures: how to tear down, clean and assemble a Winchester Model 490 rifle. Manney, David W. Jul 1, 2012 1101
AMT 1911. Kraykovic, David Jul 1, 2012 497
Sons of Guns receives "F". Buol, John M., Jr. Jul 1, 2012 504
Anschutz model 64 B: no matter how poorly you speak German, spell it Anschutz. Here's a profile on Die Meister Macher and how they make a sporting rifle. Blood, Chick Jul 1, 2012 1659
Checkering a gunstock is easy: not quite as difficult as sometimes imagined, with a proper process good checkering can be done by anybody. Deaner, Wendell Dwight Jul 1, 2012 2583
B. Tyler Henry. Teague, Alexandra Poem Jun 22, 2012 176
Century arms StingRay: introduced at the 2012 SHOT Show, the 9mm StingRay is a new entry from Century Arms into the CCW marketplace. Blood, Chick Jun 1, 2012 2609
1911 reliability: even Browning's masterpiece needs tweaking to get it perfect. Campbell, RK Jun 1, 2012 2190
Silver soldering: silver soldering is useful for fabrication, repair and modification of small parts. Here is a collection of selected tricks and tips especially applicable for gun parts. Davis, Richard B. Jun 1, 2012 2806
A unique stock bolt design: a standard complaint by many single shot buffs is the inability to draw the butt stock up tightly to the frame due to the lack of a stock bolt. Here is an innovative way to get around that situation. Pisano, Dominick Jun 1, 2012 543
Glocks rock: tweaks that will make your favorite blaster even better. Tarr, James Jun 1, 2012 1740
A tale of two 96s: most 96 Mausers have matching numbers on all parts. Despite increasing collector interest, this action still ideal for customization. Deaver, Wendell May 1, 2012 3037
All about rifle floor plates: a hard look at rifle floor plates, repair and handling. Campbell, Robert May 1, 2012 1485
Gunsmiths do make mistakes sometimes: a tale of drilling and tapping a blind hole in a barrel and how a bad mistake in the shop turned out for the best. Feldhahn, Keith May 1, 2012 4445
Mauser mag madness: gunsmithing is working through problems. Here's a problem and solution I had when modifying a magazine for a customer's Mauser rifle. Cavanaugh, A.L. May 1, 2012 547
Browing a bolt. Ritchie, Skip Brief article May 1, 2012 182
Hanover arms shotgun. Jones, S. May 1, 2012 594
Headspacing 101: the sometimes misunderstood subject of cartridge headspacing leads shooters to complicate an otherwise rudimentary part of firearms. Johnson, Norman E. Apr 1, 2012 1339
Seductive shorty: 1891 Argentine Mauser carbine: last time (2/10 issue), Coffield started inletting the barreled action into the stock blank. This time, he finishes inletting the barreled action. Coffield, Reid Mar 10, 2012 3552
Machined stocks in classic custom rifles, part 1: even starting with a pre-shaped stock leaves plenty of room for artistry in a custom rifle project. Pisano, Dominick Mar 1, 2012 1976
Seductive shorty: 1891 Argentine Mauser carbine part 2: last time (1/10 issue), Coffield fitted a bolt and checked the headspace on his Mauser action. This time, he starts inletting the barreled action into a stock blank. Coffield, Reid Feb 27, 2012 3775
Build or buy? Maybe you should assemble your next AR: you're probably going to customize it some anyway, so why not just build it your way from the ground up? Fortier, David M. Feb 20, 2012 3066
The Ruger LC9: 2011 was the fourth year in a row Sturm-Ruger walked off with either the rifle or handgun of the year award. What will they do for an encore? Blood, Chick Feb 1, 2012 4426
Kids in the shop: a gunsmith's legacy, Part Two: this final article in the series concludes with tips and pointers on helping a student on the way to beginning a career in gunsmithing. Deaner, Wendell Feb 1, 2012 3245
Working the Walther P38: modern pistols can trace their roots to this landmark handgun. Campbell, RK Feb 1, 2012 1971
Improved muzzleloader ignition module: in some styles of muzzleloading rifles the breech plug ignition system can vastly be improved. A new, properly-designed screw-in breech plug can prevent blow back smoke, improve ignition quality and ease of loading. Johnson, Norman E. Feb 1, 2012 626
Scope mounting an airgun dovetail receiver: were all gunsmithing jobs without challenge perhaps there would be little need for our services. This wasn't the case while scope mounting one of the modern precision airguns requiring mounting modification. Johnson, Normon E. Feb 1, 2012 491
J. C. Higgins shotgun. Frierson, Dana Thomas Feb 1, 2012 481
M1 Carbine. Fraser, Al Brief article Feb 1, 2012 291
Dented barrel. Jones, Gary Brief article Feb 1, 2012 205
270 Winchester M70 problem. DeAngelis, John Brief article Feb 1, 2012 216
Kids in the shop: a gunsmith's legacy, part one. For any skill, trade or culture to remain it must be passed on to the next generation. Gunsmithing is no different. Deaner, Wendell Jan 1, 2012 2758
Fitting A forearm hanger extension on the Knight KP-1 rifle: adding a much needed forearm hanger extension solves accuracy problems on some break-frame rifles. Johnson, Norman E. Jan 1, 2012 890
Working the Webley "WG" model revolvers: adopted by the British Army in 1887, the Webley WG is robust, dependable and was one of the best big bore military revolvers ever. Chicoine, David R. Jan 1, 2012 1655
Three Steyr pistols: going "the full monty" with the new Steyr pistol series, once you get to know one the rest have nothing to hide. Blood, Chick Jan 1, 2012 2094
Build a 9mm Uzi semiautomatic carbine part 2: in part 1 (11/20), Matthews rounded up the needed parts and converted the trigger housing into a semi-auto housing with a semi-auto fire control group. Now it's time to complete the project. Matthews, Steven Dec 20, 2011 3317
Ruger Single-Ten Single-Action: the genesis of the Single-Six and how it has grown. Here's your guide to working this popular revolver's newest offspring: The Single-Ten. Blood, Chick Dec 1, 2011 2689
Yet another large Martini: a rare, German-made Martini variant creates an interesting challenge and fabulous end result. Pisano, Dominick Dec 1, 2011 1365
Scope mounting the US model of 1917 Eddystone/Enfield rifle: all manner of requests for scope mounting will come into the gunshop. Many of these requests are routine while others are more interesting and can sometimes be quite complicated. Old military rifles are among them. Johnson, Norman E. Dec 1, 2011 1116
Marl in 60 trigger job made easy: this trigger job can be done with minimal invasion into the action. Lyalko, Sergey Dec 1, 2011 2386
Precision Garands: the national match M1: considered by some to be the last true rifleman's National Match service rifle, the Ml is still a viable Across-The-Course contender. Meier, Dean Dec 1, 2011 1960
Glenfield Marlin model 60. Koweluk, Robert Dec 1, 2011 648
Top break S&W 4th model. Fuller, Steven M. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 229
Modernizing the SKS part 2: in part 1, (10/10 issue), Coffield modified the receiver to accept a TAPCO AK-47 magazine. This time, he fabricates a rear magazine latch, installs a U.S.-made trigger and fits the stock. Coffield, Reid Nov 10, 2011 3519
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Oct 10, 2011 705
SR-22: a belated, in-depth exam of the 10/22: after all these years we finally address America's most popular rimfire rifle, now available from the factory in a new, dressed-up form. Blood, Chick Oct 1, 2011 2969
Small shop bluing with Brownells Dicropan IM: you can do professional bluing in your shop without hot caustic salts! Brownells Dicropan IM requires minimal equipment and set up but can yield professional results. Mazan, Paul Oct 1, 2011 1357
Breathing new life into a shattered old gunstock: sometimes restoration of an old gunstock isn't even in the realm of possibility, but this old gun was different. Johnson, Norman E. Oct 1, 2011 1115
Dealing with a stuck chambered round: this alternative chemical removal method will help you safely handle a live round stuck in a chamber. Coles, R. Oct 1, 2011 1012
A look at handgun grips: tasteful fitting, finishing and/or replacement of grips on a newly refinished handgun can enhance performance and improve the looks. Campbell, RK Oct 1, 2011 1802
More criteria. Farah, Albert Brief article Oct 1, 2011 112
Renovating a rolling block part 5: in part 4 (8/10 issue), Coffield prepared the metal for finishing. This time, he applies a rust blue finish using an unusual technique. Coffield, Reid Sep 10, 2011 4336
Getting to know the Savage TRR-SR: out of the box it only begins to look like a tactical rifle but it doesn't take much to complete the illusion for economic considerations. Blood, Chick Sep 1, 2011 2487
A hard look at the revolver: despite a decades-long push towards self-loaders, wheelguns still have merit here's how to handle your customer's hard-used handguns. Campbell, RK Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2011 3111
Installing adjustable combs on gunstocks: a shotgunner's rear sight is his eye and comb height sets the placement This modification allows the shooter a custom fit. Goskins, Walter Sep 1, 2011 1095
Working the Dan Wesson revolver: a classic switch barrel revolver, manufacture of the Dan Wesson may be no more but you're likely to run across them. Campbell, RK Sep 1, 2011 1698
Schematic availability. Deaner, Wendell Sep 1, 2011 521
Resurrecting a cold warrior build your own RPD - part 2: in part 1 (7/20 issue), the bolt carrier was modified to semi-auto configuration. Now our attention is turned to the barrel fitting. Matthews, Steven Aug 20, 2011 3150
Renovating a Rolling Block: last time (6/10 issue), Coffield made a forearm and installed the sights. This time, he relines the barrel and modifies the breechblock. Coffield, Reid Jul 10, 2011 4293
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Jul 10, 2011 591
Working the Webley MK III: the Webley MK III is among the most robust and reliable revolvers of all time. previously quite a rare, a new wave of Webleys has found their way into shooter's hands and are now more likely to cross your bench. Campbell, R.k. Jul 1, 2011 2204
Rusty gun bluing: properly done, a good bluing job will make your customer's gun look brand new. here's an overview of the stages to get you started. Lyropoulos, Theo Jul 1, 2011 1156
Making a single shot rifle pattern, part 2: the pleasing, classic lines of the Remington Rolling Block No. 2 are worth a hand-built stock. we complete the project in this final segment. Pisano, Dominick Jul 1, 2011 2403
Aftermarket trigger overview: options abound in the replacement trigger market Here's the scoop on installing exactly what your customers want and need. Blood, Chick Jul 1, 2011 2580
Parker brothers double barrel shotgun. Hankins, Dale Jul 1, 2011 675
Ruger M77 Hawkeye trigger job. Jones, Leonard Brief article Jul 1, 2011 312
Hardening and stock restore. Ham, Jim Jul 1, 2011 413
Meet the century arms centurion model 39 sporter: don't think of this purely yankee-made rifle as yet another run-of-the-mill AK-47. despite its kalashnikov roots, the century arms centurion is a great example of the modern sporting rifles. Blood, Chick Jun 1, 2011 2167
Receiver side base for the model 70 winchester: proper installation of a receiver side base for a model 70 winchester is basically a straight forward Gunsmithing procedure. However, redoing a botched job sends a special message to any gunsmith. here's the procedure I used for a RPA Trakker target sight. Johnson, Norman E. Jun 1, 2011 579
Working the Stevens visible loader: the Stevens model 70 visible Loader is starting to show collector interest here is the critical function, disassembly, and reassembly procedures with a guide to reference materials and parts. Scott, Robert A. Jun 1, 2011 1775
Making a single shot rifle pattern, part one: given the pleasing, classic lines of the Remington Rolling Block No. 2 action, along with a can't-pass gun show find, making a hand-built stock is well worth the effort! Pisano, Dominick Jun 1, 2011 2699
Refinishing a Stevens. 410 double shotgun: how much time and effort do you put into mending a family heirloom? sometimes, a repair doesn't have to be practical to make the effort worth it. Pisano, Dominick Jun 1, 2011 1441
Changes are a comin' (they are here!): these ramblings of an old gunsmith may be considered by the less educated to be just that, but hard-won wisdom may be the ticket to improving your business. Hunt, Arthur J. Jun 1, 2011 1868
Winchester 62A. Horn, Daniel P. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 305
Browning auto 5. Jun 1, 2011 393
Remington 141 repair. Coffield, Reid Brief article Apr 10, 2011 213
Squad Designated Marksman rifles: how the army marksmanship unit builds DMR rifles. Buol, John M., Jr. Apr 1, 2011 815
Class 7 Manufacturer license. Rabun, Zack L. Apr 1, 2011 411
Disassembly/reassembly of the Steyr AUG bullpup, part 2: a look at Austria's famed military rifle. Getting further into and maintaining the trigger mechanism group of this Austrian-built, military bullpup-style rifle. Blood, Chick Mar 1, 2011 1286
Building a custom Mauser, part one: once commonly available (and cheap!) as surplus, Mausers were routinely used in sporterization and customization projects. With a little prudent selection they are still good actions to build upon. Deaner, Wendell Mar 1, 2011 2489
Removing pinned and welded muzzle devices with basic tools: have a muzzle device you need gone? Here is a simple process for gunsmiths who lack access to a mill or lathe. Adelmann, Steve Mar 1, 2011 2073
A primer on AR-15 problems: despite decades-old war stories, AR-15 rifles are rugged and reliable. However, not all ARs are created equal and even the best can have their moments. Campbell, R.K. Mar 1, 2011 2127
AR plinking done dirt cheap part 2: last month (1/20 issue), Matthews gathered the components needed for the project and started shaping the barrel. This time he finishes the barrel and starts work on the bolt assembly. Matthews, Steven Viewpoint essay Feb 20, 2011 2701
Disassembly/reassembly of the Steyr AUG Bullpup, part I: a look at Austria's famed military rifle. Part II will be dedicated to the trigger mechanism which requires further coverage. Blood, Chick Feb 1, 2011 2717
Mystery Martini: it looks like a Martini rifle. But is it? Pisano, Dominick Feb 1, 2011 811
Savage Model 12 extractor refit: Rebarreling a Savage Model 12 rifle with a .308 Winchester-size bolt face for a PPC cartridge will require extractor replacement. Such extractors can be made by careful machining and fitting of a new part. Johnson, Norman E. Feb 1, 2011 820
Rebarreling an M1 Garand: breathing new life into an old war horse can provide satisfaction for both the gunsmith and the owner. Seifert, Roy Feb 1, 2011 2235
Diamonds in the rough: reluctant 1911s: despite an earned reputation for reliability, even John Browning's famed design can hiccup. Campbell, RK Feb 1, 2011 3086
Tightening the .30 Carbine. McCants, William R. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 111
Refinishing gunstocks. Wetzel, John Brief article Feb 1, 2011 326
Winchester Model 1905. Burns, Philiip R. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 124
Stuck Hoppe's Bore Snake. Williams, Kent Brief article Feb 1, 2011 167
Mossberg 183KE. Muscolino, SFC Thomas Brief article Feb 1, 2011 169
Shop product question. Rumsey, Mike Feb 1, 2011 367
Building an ultra-affordable AR: looking to put together an inexpensive AR but your gunsmithing skills aren't at the coffield or Matthews level? No problem! Here's a build you can do with the simplest tools and a little time. Fortier, David M. Jan 10, 2011 3653
Winchester model 12 restoring a classic--part 1: this familiar pump gun can set you back pig money when in good condition, but coffield found a beater for less than $200, and will put it back in prime condition. Coffield, Reid Jan 10, 2011 4098
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Jan 10, 2011 890
Rolling block renovated: knowing what to look for, along with a dose of gunsmithing know-how, can transform a discarded, century-old rifle into a great shooter. Mazan, Paul Jan 1, 2011 2333
Getting familiar with the P238: a new entry from SIG SAUER joins the growing parade of CCW pistols. We think you'll be seeing more of these than those of lesser quality. Blood, Chick Jan 1, 2011 1916
Savage Model 12 rebuild: stock strengthening and center pillar bedding: some rifles can benefit by adding a central bedding pillar as an assist to the regular front and rear bedding. The inherently accurate Savage Model 12 single shot rifle is one of these, with the added advantage to strengthen the stock at the same time. Johnson, Norman E. Jan 1, 2011 893
Duplicating Remington's factory high-grade finish: Remington's classic finish looks a foot deep without looking like plastic. Here's how to do it yourself. Pisano, Dominick Jan 1, 2011 778
Charter Arms tune up: quick tips for handling this inexpensive, but effective, revolver. Campbell, R.k. Jan 1, 2011 1752
Build your own Bren gun! In the five previous installments (7/20, 8/20, 9/20, 10/20, 11/20), Matthews did some labor and machine-intensive work that will challenge any home gunsmith. This time he gets to the payoff. Matthews, Steven Dec 20, 2010 1992
Disassembly/reassembly of the Taurus 709 Slim: once you know your way around this handgun you can tackle anything in the Taurus 700-series lineup. Blood, Chick Dec 1, 2010 2699
Tightening up the .30 carbine: accuracy of United States carbine, caliber .30, M1 is pretty dismal as issued but can be improved. Campbell, Rk Dec 1, 2010 1625
Remington Model 504 bedding pillar and rear action screw: Model 504 Remington rifles are equipped with action draw down screws located centrally and at the front receiver ring. The addition of a third action screw at the rear tang, along with a well placed pillar, adds strength to the overall bedding system. Johnson, Norman E. Dec 1, 2010 740
Notes on Glock barrels: "Glock Perfection" yields solid designs with great parts compatibility. Here's how to replace or improve the barrel. Campbell, Rk Dec 1, 2010 1765
Working the Uberti Lightning II slide-action rifle: originally manufactured by Colt, this ultra-fast pump is known for its speed and compact size. Chicoine, David R. Dec 1, 2010 2247
Martin 1894. Powers, Joe Brief article Dec 1, 2010 227
1911 sight cuts. McDonald, Charles Brief article Dec 1, 2010 108
Winchester Model 1886. Weiland, George Brief article Dec 1, 2010 101
Touch-up blueing. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 185
Blueing a Remington 11. Manney, David Brief article Dec 1, 2010 119
Locked up F.I.E. Pratley, Bill Brief article Dec 1, 2010 272
Rossi Lever Action. Witheld, Name Brief article Dec 1, 2010 155
1100 problem. Grell, Stu Brief article Dec 1, 2010 173
Reclaiming a rent-a-cop revolver part 2: Coffield saw this bargain-priced S&W from J&G Sales as the perfect test bed for some of his ideas on revolver gunsmithing, and he says you can do the same. Coffield, Reid Nov 10, 2010 3263
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Nov 10, 2010 651
Build your own Bren gun! Matthews has made a good start (7/20, 8/20, 9/20 issues). This time he gets into the meat of the project: rejoining the cut receiver sections. This one will test your welding skills! Matthews, Steven Oct 20, 2010 2313
Tactical Solutions 2211 conversion. Larson, Doug Oct 19, 2010 775
Reclaiming a rent-a-cop revolver: Coffield applies some wheelgun wizardry to a popularly-priced Smith Model 64 from J&G Sales, turning it into something new. Coffield, Reid Oct 10, 2010 4161
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Oct 10, 2010 800
Disassembly, reassembly of the Savage Model 220: new to the firm's line up of economical and accurate sporting guns, this one isn't complicated but could be hiding a very large, problematical bear with an attitude. Blood, Chick Oct 1, 2010 2389
Fitting a Webley side-by-side outside hammer action: resurrecting the stock of an old side-by-side action brings on a new set of challenges. Pisano, Dominick Oct 1, 2010 1900
Reaming .45 Colt revolver cylinder throats: reaming .45 Colt revolver cylinder throats yields the best possible accuracy for using cast bullet loads. Deaner, Wendell Oct 1, 2010 2192
Pillar bedding the Savage Model 112 long action: while the Savage Model 12 single-shot short action has a rear bedding pillar, the former Model 112 long action single shot did not the addition of two major pillars positioned at the two trigger guard screw holes vastly improves the overall bedding. Johnson, Norman E. Oct 1, 2010 1055
Rust removal. Schmuck, Bob Brief article Oct 1, 2010 175
Build your own Bren gun! He has acquired parts and materials and made the required U.S. compliance parts (7/20, 8/20 issues). Now it's time to work on the bolt and carrier. Matthews, Steven Sep 20, 2010 2091
A takedown for today updating a classic 1897 Winchester: with all the great shotguns out there, why update a century-old pump gun? Because there's just nothing quite like a John Browning classic. Fortier, David M. Sep 10, 2010 3442
Two-piece stocks need love, too: glass-bedding and bolt guns just seem to go together, but Coffield says that lever-action or shotgun can need it even more. Coffield, Reid Sep 10, 2010 2906
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Sep 10, 2010 518
More than you thought you needed to know about the model 1885: there were high wall and low wall models but both were mechanically identical to this fine Uberti reproduction. Blood, Chick Sep 1, 2010 1802
A closer look at screw torque in gunsmithing applications: proper screw thread torque is an often overlooked and misused area of gun care. This is particularly true of the do-it-yourself gun owner with limited experience. Johnson, Norman E. Sep 1, 2010 1701
Tech topics: in this feature we examine tools, tooling, tips, techniques and news of interest to the gunsmithing community. Sep 1, 2010 1342
Marlin .38 Standard 1878 Pocket revolvers: the famed long gun company began life building revolvers. The 1878 was Marlin's first centerfire model. Chicoine, David R. Sep 1, 2010 1694
Build your own Bren gun! he's gathered the parts and supplies (7/20 issue); now Matthews starts by crafting the U.S.-made parts that will be required to make a legal semi-auto Bren. Matthews, Steven Aug 20, 2010 3015
Making a Mosin with Mannlicher style--part 2: last time (7/20 issue), Baxter made a new stock, installed a trigger and shortened the magazine. Now he turns down the bolt, mounts a scope and finishes the project. Baxter, John Aug 20, 2010 2211
The .22 caliber No-4 Lee Enfield the ultimate economical military sniper rifle, part 3: in the first two parts (6/10, 7/10), Coffield relined the barrel and modified the bolt. Now he's ready to finish this junior-sized sniper. Coffield, Reid Aug 10, 2010 3282
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Aug 10, 2010 923
Early American gunsmithing: a family affair--part 2. Cramer, Clayton E. Aug 1, 2010 1043
No-4 Lee Enfield: the ultimate economical military sniper rifle, part 2. Coffield, Reid Jul 10, 2010 3438
Surplus pistols? Coffield, Reid Column Jul 10, 2010 418
Working the Forehand & Wadsworth Old Model Army: a historic revolver from a company better known for smaller handguns, the Forehand & Wadsworth Old Model Army is a Nineteenth Century classic! Chicoine, David R. Jul 1, 2010 1928
Shop work: hammers and triggers and sears, oh my! It's great to have machines but most of the top pros depend on hand tools in performing their precision custom work. Blood, Chick Jul 1, 2010 1470
Custom Firearms Shop for warfighters: the Army Marksmanship Unit is a major power in the competition shooting and marksmanship training world. The Custom Firearm Shop is where the tools of the trade are built. Buol, John M., Jr. Jul 1, 2010 1717
PIC revolver. Saul, John Brief article Jul 1, 2010 300
Winchester 1200. Owens, Alan R. Jul 1, 2010 482
Early American gunsmithing: a family affair--part 1. Cramer, Clayton E. Jul 1, 2010 1269
Semi-auto Suomi from scratch: part 4 finishing the gun: in part 3 (5/20 issue), Matthews made a semi-auto trigger group. In this installment, he finishes and tests this unusual carbine. Matthews, Steven Jun 20, 2010 3506
Cloning a rare Sniper rifle: the SVDS is almost unknown in this country, so it took skilled gunsmithing and worldwide parts acquisition to build a clone. Fortier, David. M Viewpoint essay Jun 10, 2010 2997
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Jun 10, 2010 858
Disassembly and/reassembly of the EZ9/EZ40 pistols: identical except in caliber, repair or replacement of two assemblies in these new Serbian pistols must be left to Serbians. Blood, Chick Jun 1, 2010 2126
Custom stock repair: be it cracks, chips, or splits, sooner or later you will be faced with stock repairs. Some are minor and easy to fix while others need more consideration on the approach. Coles, Robert Jun 1, 2010 1093
Scoping the older .22 rimfire single shot rifle: drilling and tapping older .22 single-shot rifles for a scope base is an uncomplicated gunsmithing procedure. However, attention to detail and precision will result in a better job. Johnson, Norman E. Jun 1, 2010 1587
Working the Taurus PT92: similar to Beretta's 92F-series, this humble handgun is doing yeoman service. Here's how improve one coming across your bench. Campbell, RK Jun 1, 2010 2917
Semi-Auto Suomi from scratch: Part 3: trigger guard and housing. Matthews, Steven May 20, 2010 3336
Enfield? Martini? Or Both? In Part 1 (4/10 issue), Coffield modified the breechblock and extractor. This time he fits the barrel and reworks the stock. Coffield, Reid May 10, 2010 4517
Disassembly, reassembly of the SSG 3000 rifle: an offshore-built tactical marvel, the German-built SSG 3000 is an impressive import from SigArms. Blood, Chick May 1, 2010 1881
Working the .22 rifle: a very common task facing professionals is the repair of rimfire rifles. The ins and outs of repairing them are best learned with time and study, not a heavy hand and iron will. Campbell, R.K. May 1, 2010 1853
A bedding pillar for long action Remingtons: attaining top accuracy from a long-action bolt rifle can be difficult, but it can be accomplished through careful bedding and proper use of the central action screw. It may involve the use of a different stock as well. Johnson, Norman E. May 1, 2010 759
Build your own Mauser holding fixture: commercial holding fixtures for Mauser receivers are available, but any 'smith can build his own with common shop scrap. Deaner, Wendell May 1, 2010 1250
S&W model of 2000 Schofield .45 revolvers: after 123 years, S&W re-introduced the famous Schofield in 2000. While not a perfectly faithful replica, this is a very shootable revolver. Chicoine, David R. May 1, 2010 2444
AH Fox Sterlingworth. Fory, Jon Brief article May 1, 2010 169
Semi-auto Suomi from scratch; with the receiver well under way, Matthews turns this time to the barrel, its shroud, and the bolt, getting to the halfway point of this big project. Matthews, Steven Viewpoint essay Apr 20, 2010 2805
The Bronco from Air Venturi. Gaylord, Tom Viewpoint essay Apr 20, 2010 1685
Tips for building a Kalashnikov to fit your needs: the AR world's mania for accessorizing has spilled over onto the once-humble AK. Here are some ideas for upgrading your Kalashnikov while keeping it real. Fortier, David M. Apr 10, 2010 3440
Enfield? Martini? Or both? When Coffield found he could simply screw an Enfield barrel into a Martini action, an idea was born. Coffield, Reid Viewpoint essay Apr 10, 2010 3716
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Apr 10, 2010 833
Dissecting the Dan Wesson revolver: reports of the death of the Dan Wesson might be greatly exaggerated. Here's how to treat one arriving in a plastic bag. Blood, Chick Apr 1, 2010 1422
Making a custom case-neck expander die: sometimes the gunsmith is the one to turn to for those hard-to-find items ... especially precision parts that require special lathe work. E. Johnson, Norman Apr 1, 2010 601
Improving on a perfect stock design: the Ruger #1 may be the perfect stock design, but the customer is always right! Here's how to add a custom touch to the finest wood. Pisano, Dominick Apr 1, 2010 949
Refinishing gun metal: multiple options for metal refinishing are possible on even the tightest budget. Here's how to set your shop up on the cheap! Capps, Brian E. Apr 1, 2010 2643
The 1911 trigger action: thanks to its remarkably tunable trigger, browning's masterpiece handgun design still sets the standard for custom builders. Here's how to get the best trigger possible. Campbell, Rk Apr 1, 2010 1542
Semi-auto Suomi from scratch part I: the receiver: he's written about some easy projects lately: here's one that will be a real challenge. If you have the skill and patience, you can build an unusual semi-auto carbine for $200. Matthews, Steven Mar 20, 2010 2752
Building a switch-barrel Mauser conclusion; in part 5 (2/10/10 issue), Coffield installed a bold trigger and shaped the stock. Now he finishes and test-fires the rifle. Coffield, Reid Mar 10, 2010 4094
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Mar 10, 2010 878
Disassembly and reassembly of the Savage Model 12: this long range precision varminter is the first to offer the right-ejection, left-loading, custom-made feature in a production rifle. Blood, Chick Mar 1, 2010 2185
Making a custom trigger guard: with a milling machine and common gunsmithing tools, a quality one-piece, steel trigger guard can be made. No special jigs are required ... just a pattern and a bit of careful craftsmanship, including the use of hand tools. Johnson, Norman E. Mar 1, 2010 584
Building a "rust" cabinet: constructing your own humidity cabinet to blue metal is a first step in learning to apply a decorative and preservative finish to steel parts. Radovich, Leo Mar 1, 2010 971
Working the Mauser bolt: over a century old, the precedent-setting Mauser action is the basis of all turn-bolt rifle actions. Learning the details of the original will pave the way to mastering all others. Campbell, R.K. Mar 1, 2010 2439
Marlin 336 and 338. Geiges, George Brief article Mar 1, 2010 245
Winchester Model 370. Horn, Daniel P. Mar 1, 2010 379
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Feb 10, 2010 904
Checking out an old classic: the Colt Model 1917: be wary of what the owner wants you to do with this classic revolver! Blood, Chick Feb 1, 2010 1809
Fabricating obsolete gun parts: how to keep a customer's perfectly good firearm from becoming a paper weight. Ritacco, Gerry Feb 1, 2010 1475
Plastic stocks for the double shotgun: some easy application of fiberglass and epoxy can economically revitalize an old shotgun stock. Lyalko, Sergey Feb 1, 2010 1929
Reviving the Springfield Model 67 shotgun: sometimes gunsmiths must perform work akin to that of a dentist making a bridge or a surgeon arranging bone fragments to their original state. Johnson, Norman E. Feb 1, 2010 858
Building the gunsmithing library: Part 2, stock working: having started your gunsmithing library with solid, basic texts, it's time to expand into specifics, beginning with stock work. Kern, Steven R. Feb 1, 2010 1556
Needing Remington advice. Heritage, Douglas Brief article Feb 1, 2010 207
Two easy AR upgrades: if you bought your first AR during last year's craze, you may have been disappointed in its accuracy. Here are two easy fixes that will make it shoot a whole lot better. Adelmann, Steve Jan 20, 2010 2760
An accurate AR for less than a grand? If you're willing to do a little work yourself, yes! And this isn't a monster Matthews project; you can do it in an afternoon. Matthews, Steven Viewpoint essay Jan 20, 2010 2917
Building a switch-barrel Mauser: in Part 3 (12/10/09 issue), Coffield fitted barrels using a Savage-style barrel nut. Now he sets up the rifle for scope use. Coffield, Reid Jan 10, 2010 2987
Center punching. Coffield, Reid Brief article Jan 10, 2010 369
P.38 barrel. Coffield, Reid Brief article Jan 10, 2010 365
Viet Cong M1911. Kokalis, Peter G. Jan 10, 2010 1590
Disassembly and reassembly of the KBI Jericho Pistol: this new version of the Jericho 941 imported by KBI comes in three sizes, three calibers, and two frame styles. All are worked in the same manner. Blood, Chick Jan 1, 2010 1185
Getting started in engraving: engraving is an art form that can add value to your custom guns and spruce up the appearance of less valuable firearms. Here's what you need to know to get started. Ordorica, Ray Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2010 2697
Accurizing AR-type rifles and carbines, Part 2: with some basic steps and after market parts, you can easily convert an out-of-the-box AR rifle or carbine into a respectable group-shooter. Adelmann, Steve Jan 1, 2010 2113
Making an M1911 trigger shoe that fits: more often than not, a factory 1911 trigger shoe, even an oversized one, will fit too loosely into the frame and have a lot of top-to-bottom or side-to-side play. Here's how to make one that fits properly. Seifert, Roy Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2010 1123
Working the Colt Scout single-action revolver: on the surface, the Scout and the Frontier Scout appear to be smaller rimfire versions of the Single Action Army. Internally, however, they are somewhat simplified. Chicoine, David R. Jan 1, 2010 1533
Misfeeding Stevens 67E. Vining, Wes Jan 1, 2010 368
A scratch-made dummy M1919: in Part 1 (11/20 issue), Matthews showed how to make the receiver of this inexpensive dummy. Now he turns to the barrel and tripod: Part 2. Matthews, Steven Dec 20, 2009 4903
Building a switch-barrel Mauser: last month (11/10 issue), Coffield removed the charger guide and reshaped the tang. This month, he installs the barrels. Coffield, Reid Dec 10, 2009 3482
Hard receiver drilling. Coffield, Reid Brief article Dec 10, 2009 286
Accurizing AR-Type rifles and carbines, part 2: with some basic steps and afermarket parts, you can easily convert an out-of-the-box AR rifle or carbine into a respectable group shooter. Adelmann, Steve Dec 1, 2009 2733
'Detail cleaning' the low-tech way: here's how to do a pretty thorough cleaning job on any firearm--even if you don't want to (or don't know how to) take it completely apart. Blood, Chick Dec 1, 2009 1169
Salvage it or scrap it? A gun that some professionals would relegate to the parts bin can provide a rewarding challenge to the amateur 'smith. Mazan, Paul Dec 1, 2009 1601
Working the plant front-loading 'army' revolver: some of the thousands of Plants may still be in use today in their "alternate mode" as percussion revolvers. But the odd front-loading Plant metallic cartridge failed to "make the cut.". Chicoine, David Dec 1, 2009 1510
A whole new Hakim: the author had one of these Egyptian semiautos back in the 1990s, but sold it after it bit his thumb. Now he has a new Hakim, and has updated it to shoot even better. McCorkle, Dan Nov 20, 2009 1511
From bolt-action to machine gun: there were several attempts to convert the Lee Enfield .303 riffle to automatic fire. The Charlton conversion was the only one to go into production. Enright, John Nov 20, 2009 2802
DIY: a practical tactical AR: fortier tackles building a no-nonsense AR carbine without breaking the bank. Fortier, David M. Nov 10, 2009 4002
Part 2: building a switch-barrel Mauser: in Part 1 (10/10 issue) Coffield removed the barrel and lapped the action. Now he uses a special tool to remove the charger guide, then reshapes the tang and stock wrist. Coffield, Reid Nov 10, 2009 3532
Disassembly and reassembly of the Sig Sauer P250 pistol: an elegantly simple steel receiver and interchangeable grip flames combine to make this new pistol incredibly versatile. Blood, Chick Nov 1, 2009 2016
Accurizing AR-type rifles and carbines, Part 1: with some basic steps and afermarket parts, you can easily convert an out-of-the-box AR rifle or carbine into a respectable group shooter. Adelmann, Steve Nov 1, 2009 2073
Cold bluing: another approach: try this simple method of cold bluing to get a deep blue/ black finish, with only a little more time and effort than it takes to do a thorough cleaning job. Grell, Stu Nov 1, 2009 1187
Steel-coat bedding enhancement: a step beyond pillar bedding: this simple extra step to the bedding process can help bring a wood-stocked rifle up to the same accuracy standard as one stocked with the best of the synthetic stocks. Johnson, Norman E. Nov 1, 2009 939
Working the Great Western Single Action Army: thousands of these Colt clones were produced in the 1950s during a period when Colt had suspended production of the "Peacemaker.". Chicoine, David Nov 1, 2009 2053
Wallhanger? No way! Most would have looked at this old hammer gun as no more than a potential source of parts. But with some specialized techniques, Mazan got it back to shooter condition. Oct 20, 2009 1863
Disassembly and reassembly of the Rossi Tuffy shotgun: the Tuffy looks like, loads like, and handles like the old snake charmer. But underneath its skin, it's a somewhat different animal. Blood, Chick Oct 1, 2009 2149
Building the gunsmithing library: Part 1, the classics: when you're beginning to build your library, you have to start somewhere. These basic books--in circulation for decades--are a good place to start. Kern, Steven R. Recommended readings Oct 1, 2009 1812
The custom M1911: fitting an aftermarket thumb safety: the GI-type safety lever is usually one of the first things to go when upgrading a 1911-type pistol. Here are a few to consider in the process. Campbell, R.K. Oct 1, 2009 1395
Making 'invisible' repairs in a broken stock: a cracked or broken stock doesn't always require replacement. The answers to a few simple questions will determine if a nearly invisible repair is possible. Pisano, Dominick Oct 1, 2009 1101
Making a custom fiber-optic front sight: here's how to make a fiber-optic sight in the exact profile your customer wants, and how to increase your profit on the installation. Seifert, Roy Oct 1, 2009 619
Cold bluing: restoring 'family heirlooms' on the cheap: many old guns have sentimental value to the family of the owner but no real monetary value to a collector. These guns are all good candidates for an inexpensive "facelift.". Jonsson, Leslie Sep 1, 2009 1229
The M1911 in 10mm: some special considerations: for most gunsmiths, building or tuning a 1911-type pistol in .45 ACP is like a walk in the park. But the path can be thorny when the 1911 is chambered for the 10mm cartridge. Campbell, R.K. Sep 1, 2009 2063
Fabricating a fixed ejector for the Jarvis .22 conversion unit: the Jarvis .22 LR conversion unit for the M1911 uses a floating ejector which is prone to breakage and doesn't always fit every frame. Here's how to fabricate and install a fixed ejector in the Jarvis unit. Seifert, Roy Sep 1, 2009 1011
Tuning the Remington Model 700 firing-pin assembly: internal friction inside the bolt of the Remington Model 700-Series rifle can produce inconsistent lock time and diminished accuracy. The problem is, however, relatively easy to solve. Johnson, Norman E. Sep 1, 2009 743
Disassembly and reassembly of the Kahr P-Series pistols: owners seem to love their Kahr pistols, and you'll love the fact that--big of small--they all come apart and go back together the same way. Blood, Chick Sep 1, 2009 3357
Disassembly and reassembly of the Ruger LCR revolver: designed to handle .38 Special +P ammo, Ruger's new hammerless lightweight is expected to be popular for concealed carry or law-enforcement backup. Blood, Chick Aug 1, 2009 2327
Modifying the hammer/sear jig for function testing: with a few springs and readily available parts, a stoning jig can be modified to allow the hammer and sear to function as they would inside the M1911 pistol, thus speeding up the smoothing process. Grisafi, Joe Aug 1, 2009 1178
The MI Garand: a troubleshooting checklist: volumes have been written on accurizing the venerable M1 Gerund. But when facing a rifle of unknown origin, first you have to ensure it's in reliable operating condition. Campbell, R.K. Report Aug 1, 2009 1648
Firearm finishing methods: A to Z: today's gunsmith can offer his customer choices in metal-finishing methods that range from traditional and "down to earth" to Space Age and literally "out of this world.". MacLean, Richard Aug 1, 2009 2841
Making and installing decorative metal overlays: overlays on a gun or its stock can enhance its appearance as well as its value, and you don't have to be a metalsmith to get the job done. Johnson, Norman E. Aug 1, 2009 635
Stevens Crackshot restoration. Ferguson, Don Brief article Aug 1, 2009 297
J.C. Higgins conversion. Annis, Dale Brief article Aug 1, 2009 430
Frozen model 88 Winchester. Coiro, Francis Brief article Aug 1, 2009 216
Unplating an M-1. Stafford, Caleb Brief article Aug 1, 2009 111
Locked-up Ruger. Higgs, Bill Brief article Aug 1, 2009 196
Marlin Model 44 problems. Higgs, Bill Brief article Aug 1, 2009 162
Building the Rapid Fire Vz-58 part 1: he's already made a Vz-58 dummy, a very easy project. Now Matthews takes on the more complicated task of putting together a semi-auto rifle. Matthews, Steven Jul 20, 2009 5043
Disassembly and reassembly of the little sharps rifle: with this 80-percent-scale replica, Charles Daly has brought the old buffalo gun down to deer-hunter size. Blood, Chick Jul 1, 2009 1791
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about working as a Gunsmith ... Conference notes Jul 1, 2009 435
Relining the .22 rifle barrel: an alternate procedure: with a little ingenuity and a homemade drill, it's possible to reline a rifle barrel for little more than the cost of the liner. Erickson, K.C. Jul 1, 2009 1990
Working the Henry rifle and its Uberti replica: B.T. Henry's repeating rifle was based on a Smith & Wesson pistol design, and later became the basis for a line of Winchester rifles designs. Chicoine, David R. Jul 1, 2009 2137
Richland shotgun parts? Linthicum, Kathy Brief article Jul 1, 2009 149
Remington M700 trigger adjustment: save this info! Cooper, Allen Jul 1, 2009 571
Rechambering the Arisaka. Cole, Rueben Jul 1, 2009 464
Two questions. Whittaker, R. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 175
Golden/yellow boy assembly. Skuce, Al Brief article Jul 1, 2009 215
Turkish Mauser barrel. Price, Brett Brief article Jul 1, 2009 251
Heat-treating the M1911 slide. Miller, Robin Brief article Jul 1, 2009 145
Glock 21 modifications. Shanholtz, Brian L. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 221
Building the SGN-22 Part 4: the receiver, bolt and fire control are complete; now Matthews finishes this economical self-ejecting rimfire. Matthews, Steven Jun 20, 2009 2708
ATI AR-15 all in one tool. Brief article Jun 10, 2009 82
Breakout Safety Tool. Brief article Jun 10, 2009 103
Another caliber for your AR: 5.7x28mm: this tiny but fast-stepping cartridge is not just for FN products anymore. If you have an AR lower, you're set to have fun with the 5.7mm. Fortier, David M. Jun 10, 2009 3885
What can you do with a drill rifle? Part 3: in Part 2 (5/10 issue), Coffield removed the original barrel and installed a target .22 barrel. In this installment, he finishes and test-fires his rimfire Springfield. Coffield, Reid Jun 10, 2009 4337
Shotgun chamber measure. Coffield, Reid Brief article Jun 10, 2009 338
Locating touch hole. Coffield, Reid Brief article Jun 10, 2009 89
Ross barrel thread. Brief article Jun 10, 2009 114
Mauser extractor. Brief article Jun 10, 2009 174
Orbital Sander for stocks? Brief article Jun 10, 2009 175
Carcano conversion? Brief article Jun 10, 2009 132
Revitalizing Glock accuracy: the author searches for tune-up solutions as his gun approaches the 100,000-round mark. Spaulding, Dave Jun 1, 2009 1178
Disassembly and reassembly of the charter undercover revolver: all the Charter Arms revolvers take down and go back together in the same manner. You will, however, need a special factory tool for reassembly. Blood, Chick May 1, 2009 1447
Thoughts on building a tactical/target rifle: with some attention to detail and a few readily available aftermarket parts, the Mauser action can produce an accurate and reliable target-type rifle. Capps, Brian May 1, 2009 2592
Shorten a cap-and-ball gun for bigger profits: more often than not, modifying a customer's old gun is more profitable than selling him a new one. Mazan, Paul May 1, 2009 1093
Using a stock-drilling jig for pillar bedding: pillar bedding is a proven means of improving rifle accuracy, but it must be performed with precision to be effective. Here's how to simplify the job and eliminate costly mistakes. Johnson, Norman E. May 1, 2009 798
Working the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle: with more than 7 million produced over a production run that spanned roughly 110 years, the Model 1894 is the most popular high-powered sporting rifle ever produced. Chicoine, David R. May 1, 2009 1650
Enfield barrel removal. Brief article May 1, 2009 147
Cynergy ejector repair. Brief article May 1, 2009 224
Auto-5 modifications. Brief article May 1, 2009 209
New London shotgun info? Brief article May 1, 2009 253

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