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Guns 'n google.

"I was shocked, and a little mad and a little upset. But I took a breather, and decided that I am going to keep trying for this until this bill gets passed."

--Dover High School senior Cassandra Levesque, a key advocate for a bill that would raise the state marriage age to 18, a bill that was ITL'd, to the surprise of a lot more folks than her.

It was quite instructive to learn how unhappy Londonderry officials were with the unfortunate placement of a photo of NH Rep Al Baldasaro's gun-toting wedding party a few years back. You know, the one where the unarmed, tuxedoed groom stands amid his bride and her attendants, all smiling and toting rifles.

It turns out that when someone would innocently google "Londonderry," the photo of the Baldasaro would come up--in the place that would be reserved for, say, a map of the town or a scenic sight.

But, no, AB's wedding pic was coming up, owing to the possible future deputy administrator of the VA's unnerving popularity, thanks to his association with one Donald J. Trump. In other words, web searchers would be looking up "Al Baldasaro" and "Londonderry, NH" and, lo and behold, the Google algorithm just assumed that that's what people wanted to see most when they googled "Londonderry, NH."

The town eventually convinced Google to fix the situation even though, said Town Council Chair John Farrell, "I personally do not find it offensive, but there still could be something more appropriate that represents the town as a whole."

Added Farrell: "We would like something that includes more of a New England feel," said Town Council Chair John Farrell.

Oh well. One more lesson for the people of Londonderry that elections have consequences.

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Date:Mar 17, 2017
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