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Gun slick cleaning rods.

Gun Slick's one-piece carbon fiber shaft is strong but amazingly light, solidly set in brass at the handle and the handle spins freely due to double ball bearings. The tip is fitted with a female brass insert into which brass male jags are attached. The jags sent to me are the kind I prefer, i.e., a point at the end is used to stab the patch onto it. Cannelures are cut into the jag below the tip to hold the patch in place.

The rods include a brass muzzleguard that slides onto the rod and protects the crown of rifles you can't clean from the receiver such as lever guns.


Gun Slick also has nylon coated steel and stainless steel rods. For my Benchrest rifles I have used Teflon coated rods for years and find them up to the task. I use an uncoated, stainless steel rod for my large hunting and tactical rifles. Both have served me well for many years and many cycles through my rifles. People often complain that some types of rods pick up particles that can damage the bore. Maybe, but I have yet to see that in either my stainless steel or Teflon coated rods. Gun Slick claims the carbon fiber rods will not pick up particles either, and in my use so far, their claim seems to be correct.

The carbon fiber rods are light, which makes them a bit handle heavy as the handle is very well constructed and should last years. The rods are a bit more flexible than the steel or coated rods. Not a problem, but does take a bit of getting used to.

I found I liked them, one reason being I can throw them in the rifle case, hard or soft, and not feel the difference in weight. On the range or in a hunting camp, I always carry a rod to clean, free a fired, stuck case or check for obstructions. That is eons better than using break down rods. My bores are too important to me to be sticking anything down them but a good, 1-piece rod. The rods come in .17-.204, .22-.260, .270-.45 and all-gauge shotgun. All list for $32.95.


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Author:Gottfredson, Jacob
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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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