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Gun grabbers weakness.

The AP's Robert Tanner wrote an analysis article picked up by many newspapers tallying gun control's progress--or lack of it--the last 10 years. He writes, "With more than four out of five states allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons, that argument is finished. Now, the nation's long-running argument over guns turns on how much to loosen the rules--should guns be allowed in judge's chambers?" Chicago Sun Times columnist Laura Washington wrote a follow-up column for her paper lamenting about a landslide of pro-gun responses to her "culture of violence" column. "More than 100 passionate, angry readers from around the nation told me I was wrong. I have heard from exactly four gun control advocates." She concludes, "The gun control lobby needs to get on the stick. Now."--Courtesy NSSF
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Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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