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Gun control issue an easy target.

Seats in the Statehouse are up for grabs this year. Politicians are scrambling to start their campaigns by associating themselves with an issue. It need not be original, just something tried and true.

The aspiring candidate needs a proven winner, revisited in a new light. It must be a topic which can invoke fear in the electorate while advancing the candidate as a true champion for the masses. Alas, a perceived malady or threat to public safety the politician can offer a solution to.

Hm, what shall it be??

How about gun control? That's it, more gun control laws. That always works. As the numbers of legal gun owners diminish, it sets the stage for a never-ending platform of rhetorical balderdash for politicians to feed on.

Oh, what will the politicos rally against when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (which has the toughest gun control laws in the nation) completely disarms its citizens? Could they possibly offer a solution for real social problems?

If history is an indication of our politicians' ability to offer realistic solutions to society's ills, then nothing but pontifical rhetoric offered on soapbox is likely to be forth coming.


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Title Annotation:Editorials
Publication:Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
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Date:Jun 4, 2014
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