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Gum of all fears.


My cat slavers constantly and has stopped eating her cat kibble. She still likes her pouches. What could be the problem? First get your vet to check her over. It sounds like she may have some dental problems.

The crunchy food may be painful to chew on while the soft food isn't. See if you can look at her gums, they should be a nice salmon pink colour.

If there is any red colouration on the gum around a tooth, it could be that she has toothache and needs dental treatment.

Removing plaque and tartar regularly will help to prevent further problems.

Someone said my pony had a splint but it just looks like a little lump. What is this? A splint is a small bony lump that can be seen on the front leg of a horse just below the inside of the knee.

They are often caused by working a horse frequently on hard surfaces.

The top of the splint bone fractures and can cause serious lameness initially, but the bones then knit together, which is what causes the small lump.

Once healed and work on hard surfaces is kept to a minimum, it often causes no more problems.

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