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Gum creek vehicle mount holster.

Carrying a concealed handgun in a vehicle brings a few challenges, some based on state laws, some based on personal preferences. By the way, do you know your state's laws concerning carrying guns in vehicles? After that, if you determine other forms of concealed carry--pocket carry, cross draw from a weak side holster, etc.--are too difficult when in a vehicle, consider the Gum Creek Concealed Vehicle Mount Holster. It may look like a simple case and, in one sense, it is. But this holster is thoughtfully designed to make concealed carry in a vehicle much more tenable. This holster's intended purpose is to safely hold and conceal a handgun while mounted under the steering column of your vehicle, giving you fast access to your concealed gun should you need it. In such a configuration, you'll need to purchase some of Gum Creek's extra gear to fasten the case correctly. And you should.

So how does the Gum Creek case help conceal and carry a gun? Inside the compartment is a slot between two foam inserts. You push the muzzle into the slot and the friction from the slot holds the gun in place, stocks out and ready for you to grab. Close the case cover, affixing the magnetic snap lock and the gun is completely obscured from view. To access the gun, just pull the cover open, grab the stocks/grip and draw. Quick, easy and convenient. The Gum Creek case also has a front pouch for business cards or other similar-sized papers; side pockets can store extra magazines or other gear. Be careful about leaving this holster in view when you're not in your vehicle--a savvy thief might be tempted to make off with it. When you're in your vehicle, though, you'll know it's there and how to access it quickly. $49.95. For more info,, Ph: (888) 381-7872

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Author:Huntington, Roy
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:May 1, 2016
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