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Gulf States Paper Corp. debuts ovenables packaging.

A whole new range of options for frozen entree packaging has been unveiled by Gulf States Paper Corp., Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, including such innovations as packages with more than one tray and packages that can be cut in two without breaking the seals.

Introduced at the National Frozen Food Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas last fall, the Gulf States Ovenables line allows for in-the-package cooking, thus eliminating excess packaging components and offering both cost savings and environmental benefits, according to Dave O'Harra, vice president of marketing for the Paperboard Converting Division.

"Traditionally, most ovenable packaging has been the familiar web-corner tray-and-lid, hinged lid and tri-seal designs," he said. "But we now have some totally new approaches for this fast-growing market segment."

To create the line, Gulf States licensed the Stack Pack carton from Westvaco Corp. and developed three carton designs of its own: the QuickPack, the SplitPack and the Split Pack/Breakaway All are produced with polyester-coated SBS paperboard, and all can stand upright or stack in freezer cases without any special racks or stands. But that's just the beginning.

The Stack Pack and QuickPack styles are single-piece, single compartment designs. Because of its full-gusset-seal design, the Quick-Pack can be formed at faster speeds and has improved push-through capability in a plate freezer, making it the better choice for large, fastmoving filling and forming operations, O'harra said.

The SplitPack combines individual food trays into one package under a common lid. The use of separate trays keeps contents from becoming mixed in the distribution chain and, because the trays can be different sizes, allows a flexible combination of products.

The SplitPack/Breakaway adds a perforation to the common lid that will allow individual trays to be broken apart without disturbing the seal. "This opens up a world of possibilities for combining products that need to be heated with those that don't, for packaging items together that require different reheat times, and for bringing to market portion-controlled multi-packs so consumers can simply break away what they want and keep the rest in their freezer for another time," O'Harra said.
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Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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