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Guinness promotes mysteries of Ireland.

Guinness promotes mysteries of Ireland

From now until the end of November, Guinnes Import Co. will invite customers to "Celebrate the Mysteries of Ireland" with Guinness Stout, Harp Lager, and Kaliber alcohol-free brew.

The promotion, which offers both on- and off-premise accounts a "True Taste of Ireland," as well as an "Irish Castle" sweepstakes and consumer offer for traditional Irish merchandise.

The campaign's sweeptakes will send one winner and three friends to Ireland via Aer Lingus for an eight-day stay at an Irish castle. Other prizes will include handknit Irish sweaters, Guinness watches and woolen scarves.

"With harvest moons and Halloween spirits in the air, this the season to celebrate |mystery'," stated Declan Maguire, group marketing manager, Guinness Import Co. "Our |Celebrate' program offers consumers a chance to experience the mysteries of the |Emerald Isle' firsthand."

PHOTO : "THE MYSTERIES OF IRELAND" will be celebrated during a multi-brand promotion from the Guinness Import Co. this fall.
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Title Annotation:Guinness Import Co.'s advertising promotion offers free trip to Ireland
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 23, 1991
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