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Guiding the way to energy efficiency.

A NEW EASY-TO-FOLLOW GUIDE ON CONSTRUCTING ENERGY-smart schools published by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers is now available to district officials free of charge.

The publication, Advanced Energy Design Guide for K12 School Buildings, is part of a series of guides that provide sensible approaches to easily achieve advanced levels of energy savings without having to resort to detailed calculations or analysis.


"ASHRAE wants to get this valuable guidance into the hands of design teams," says ASHRAE president Kent Peterson. "As today's children are the future leaders of the world, there is no better time to launch this program than with the release of this K12 book."

Included are tools and design recommendations--such as providing daylighting to classrooms and gyms so lights can be off most of the day--for schools to achieve advanced energy savings beyond 30 percent.

The publication is available at
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Title Annotation:Facilities & Construction
Author:Miners, Zach
Publication:District Administration
Date:Apr 1, 2008
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